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Your ISP is Watching Your Social Media Profiles – Here’s How VPN Can Help
Your ISP is Watching Your Social Media Profiles – Here’s How VPN Can Help

Every Google search you do on the Internet passes via your ISP (Internet service provider) monitors. This means that nothing is hidden from your ISPs, not even your social media activities or website traffic. 

As per Forbes, 5.2 billion of us have phones, 4.5 billion are surfing the Internet, and 3.8 billion are active social media users.

This implies that billions of people are being monitored by their ISPs. Fortunately, your social media profiles can be secured from ISPs and hackers with a simple VPN connection.

What does a VPN hide?

We use VPNs for many purposes in this digital age. A new wave of technology like AI is affecting the VPN industry. And this progress is having a snowball effect on other sectors.

From using free PC VPN to opting for the best free VPN for Mac, hiding identity on the Internet was the main concern before VPN came into the picture. 

VPNs are designed to hide and protect your online privacy. You may be using it for personal or professional use, but a VPN encrypts your data information and masks your IP address. 

This protects your confidential data from the government trackers, your ISP, and other third parties from tracking what you do. 

A capable and trustworthy VPN encrypts your data before your even leave your PC or computer. A digital tunnel connection is created between you and your remote server. Now, this connection is sent to the remote server, and you’re assigned a new IP in the process.

Here are few things normally a VPN hides:

  • Your IP address
  • Your location-related information
  • Your web-browsing/online activities
  • Personal data

What all Things VPN Hides from Your Social Media?

VPN can be your BFF, and make sure that your profiles are secured, private, and under your control when it comes to social media. No matter where you are, at home or in cafes, a  VPN connection will protect your social media info everywhere you go.

So, let’s explore in detail what exactly a VPN hides on social media:

  • Removes Third-party Data Access

These days our social media profiles are like an open book. By far, that’s the most worrying part since anyone can easily hack your private information. 

A useful VPN connection encrypts your online data. In simple words, it generates a private network out of any public network. A safe and secured tunnel prevents hackers, cybercriminals from using your sensitive data for any illegal purpose.

It’s no secret that it restricts the third party from accessing your social media data.

  • Your Location

Browsers and websites use your IP address to map web traffic from different cities, states, and countries. This can be done from your social media profiles also. That’s the reason a  good VPN connection can geo-spoof your location.  Even if someone tries to discover your location or access it through social media handles, a VPN can fool that person or website.

Since it changes your location by assigning you a different IP address. Your location and personal info remain safe and secure in every case.

  • Visible Material

Hackers often prey on your social media profiles to locate and hack personal information like your individual files, audio messages, or even passwords.

Also, if a hacker gains access to your computer, your PII could be unsafe and at risk.

A VPN can hide all your visible materials by masking your IP address and adding a layer of security.  Hence, the data you send or receive is protected and secure.    

  • Your Data From ISP  

You might wonder why do ISPs even track your data since it’s your Internet data, service provider. The fact that they can sell your data and earn profits can put things in perspective.

As per Entrepreneur stats, 67% of small businesses underwent a cyber attack, and 58% experienced a data breach. 

Good VPNs mask your data even when your ISP tries to log in and monitors your personal information. It can be on social media profiles also. 

A VPN  takes your data through several servers around the globe and updates your IP address to hide information from your ISP. Also, there are thousands of servers involved in this process to confuse your ISP and reroute your traffic.

Cyberstalking – What do you need to know?

These days cyberstalking is common on social media. But its consequences can be life-altering for many individuals.  The ease of access to information available has made online stalking so prevalent. Oversharing information or confidential things can give hackers clues to hack your social media account. 

Thanks to the VPN connection. It not only makes your identity anonymous on the Internet but also secures your data from getting exposed. Make sure you use top-notch VPNs like UrbanVPN, which has the utility to restrict all social media attacks.


Social media is addictive. People often take their social media privacy for granted until they get into some trouble.

It’s best to take precautions beforehand and use a VPN connection. It will ensure that your online sessions and your private time on social media are secure, protected, and in safe hands.

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