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Your On-Line Life Has Windows
Your On-Line Life Has Windows

As indicated earlier this week, Crystal Peterson and I presented Thursday night to a group of young professionals associated with the Advertising Federation of Louisville. As promised, here’s our PowerPoint presentation.

While my post from Monday stirred some interesting discussion in the comments, I want to stress that the point of the presentation was not to say that human resources pros and hiring managers are out there snooping through your Facebook photo albums and MySpace profiles looking for something for which to disqualify you from job searches. Rather, many are looking for the good — are you active in communities in your industry? Do you have a blog or comment on blogs? Have you established an expertise or at least a professional reputation online? If they find the good, it helps your chances.

Anecdotally, I would also say that PowerPoint decks, as we call them in the ad business, are generally vague and useless to me. (One of my pet peeves about my industry.) So, if you have questions or would like some background on what we said to accompany the presentation, fire them off in the comments. I promise we’ll both keep an eye on them and answer any you might have

Thanks to Robin Miller from the AdFed and the folks at Glassworks for hosting the event, as well as Central Bank (disclosure: A Doe-Anderson client) for sponsoring the Career Construction Series for the organization.

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