Social Media Monitoring Industry Survey
Exploring Social Media Monitoring: An Industry Survey
Exploring Social Media Monitoring: An Industry Survey

You could say the social media monitoring industry has been the single fastest-growing niche in the world of technology over the past three years. As more companies engage in social media, participate in conversations and launch social media initiatives, the demand to monitor what is being said and analyze that data is critical for companies to not only read and react, but also fund and staff social initiatives.

Because social media monitoring has been one of my favorite topics here on Social Media Explorer, I’m asked my opinions of the tools regularly. I try hard to review different ones as often as possible without this becoming a blog about social media monitoring exclusively. But the industry seems to be growing, and becoming more competitive, with each passing day.

As a result, I’ve decided to take a more focused approach to social media monitoring solutions to better understand them myself, offer you insights and analysis of the tools and be better poised to recommend appropriate solutions for my clients. To do so, however, first requires that I understand more about how you are using social media monitoring solutions and what makes a good solution for you and your organization. With that, I ask that you take just a few moments to fill out the survey below. I will readily share the results soon as we explore social media monitoring solutions together.

And before you navigate away, did I miss anything? Are there items relevant to social media monitoring I should be discovering that were not included in the survey. A penny for your thoughts? The comments are yours.

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