Hootsuite Workaround: See (and Respond to) Retweets You May be Missing
HootSuite Workaround: See (and Respond to) Retweets You May be Missing
HootSuite Workaround: See (and Respond to) Retweets You May be Missing

When Twitter first baked the new retweet style into their web platform there was no way for HootSuite users to see who retweeted them. Subsequently, HootSuite introduced the “My Tweets, Retweeted” stream to address this. However, this function still doesn’t allow for an easy way to see and respond to the actual person who retweets your content.

One hack to find the source of a web RT on Twitter involves clicking the date stamp of a message in HootSuite:

This redirects you to the individual tweet on Twitter.com where you can see which users retweeted your content:

The problem with this solution is that it doesn’t present an easy way to respond to the RT. You have to root around Twitter to find the post – as a user that monitors and manages a number of active streams I find this to be seriously unproductive.

An Easier Way

While experimenting with the “My Tweets, Retweeted” stream I discovered a workaround that lets you see and respond to native Twitter web RT without having to leave the HootSuite dashboard. I hope you find it helpful.

Step 1: Add the “My Tweets, Retweeted” stream to HootSuite.

Step 2: Click your icon image.

Step 3: Click the “Mentions” tab within the profile pop up screen.

Step 4: Identify missing retweets.

Step 5: Reply to RT (if applicable).

If you are using HootSuite, this is one method of monitoring that will help mitigate the chances of missing native Twitter retweets.

Another best practice to consider is using multiple tools for monitoring, including TweetDeck, which offers the ability to track native Twitter retweets. If you have any other suggestion on how to work around this functionality gap in Hootsuite please let me know. The comments are yours.

Update: There is another (easier) solution that presented itself during the comment discussion that evolved around this issue. To see all your retweets simply set up a search stream in HootSuite using your Twitter username (“@username”) as the search term. Also, for more information about why you can’t see Twitter web retweets in your HootSuite mention stream check out this post: http://help.hootsuite.com/entries/434415-why-can-t-i-see-twitter-web-retweets-in-my-mentions-stream


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