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How Does Social Media Influence The Image Of MBA Aspirants
How Does Social Media Influence The Image Of MBA Aspirants

Social media is a great reflection of the person you are. It shows your interests, hobbies and thought processes through a series of posts. This reason has led many institutes to check the social media accounts of the applicants before they process their admission. The officials of the institute might visit your various social media account in order to get themselves acquainted with your nature in the most informal way. 

What your posts say about you

The posts that are present in your feed can give a positive or negative opinion about you to the officials. For example, if your posts support unpleasant images or racism then that would have a real negative effect on your application. 

If you are an MBA aspirant, then getting to a good school must be your top priority. And in order to do that, one of the many things that you should follow is, planning properly to audit your different social media account. In this article, we would discuss, how your social media can play a vital role in your admission and help to build up your career.

Influence of social media activity

These days along with essays and applications, social media accounts play a major part in getting you admitted to your favorite B school. Just like we try to take out all the information of the people you know on social media, the B-Schools too, do the same. They would roll throughout your different social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. in order to understand the way you think. The different media accounts showcase your profile defining your work experience, academics, social group, awareness, etc. The accounts would also help you to stay updated about the school alumni and stay in touch with the students’ group. 

LinkedIn is a very useful tool that can have a great impact on your social media accounts. Do keep your LinkedIn profile updated with latest educational qualification as well as your current work experience. You can also search the official page of your MBA School and stay informed about the various activities going on there.

What you need to do

Before you take the GMAT online and apply for MBA in top B-Schools, do remember to go on a cleaning spree to get rid of any inappropriate content that you might have shared or liked through your social media account. You might delete the stories on your feed but at some point, if you have liked or commented on inappropriate content, then that would get reflected as well. So check thoroughly through your account to be sure. You can also ask your family members or friend to double check your account in order to avoid any unpleasant pop-ups.

Once you are done with cleaning, it is the time to rebuild your image on social media. Post positive things that would come without any controversy. Also, remember to fill your feed with your achievements so that it can reflect your personal brand. A good online presence with positive feedbacks would surely have a great impact on your MBA applications.

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