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Sysomos Adds Facebook Feature To Social Media Monitoring Solution
Sysomos Adds Facebook Feature To Social Media Monitoring Solution

When businesses are looking for social media monitoring services these days, they normally hone in on two or three capabilities. Because Facebook is this year’s blog, monitoring messages on the platform is a big one. While all social media monitoring services have the same access to Facebook data (it’s all dependent upon what Facebook makes public which is dictated by their terms of service), more creative ways to position Facebook data are surfacing.

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Social media monitoring service Sysomos launches a new version of their Heartbeat product today which has a unique Facebook monitoring spin as its headline feature. In Sysomos’s new platform, you can click on a Facebook tab and see statistics and analysis for public Facebook pages and groups. The additional bell and whistle feature, though, is the ability to authorize Sysomos to access pages and groups you administer that you wish to set as private pages. So you can guard your brand’s page from public searches (relevant in few, but some instances) but still monitor and measure those interactions.

If you want Facebook to monitor a private fan group, you can now do that so long as you have administrative access or can get cooperation (and access) from the group owner for monitoring purposes.

Sysomos Heartbeat Video from Sysomos on Vimeo.

The development isn’t earth shattering, but is another step in advancing the social media monitoring industry. Congratulations to Sysomos and CEO Nick Koudas for the step.

The new Heartbeat features make Sysomos’s entry level offering mightily attractive for those looking for a solid social media monitoring solution. They like to sell their geo-targeting capabilities which other social media monitoring solutions steer clear of. It’s an interesting play since geo-targeting is largely based on IP addresses. If you’re using DirecTV’s satellite service at your home in Montana, your IP might show up as Los Angeles (for instance). This makes geo-targeting by more than country almost impossible. However, if you do get results for some states, say Montana, they’re probably people in Montana (as a guess) and that gives you a representative sample. Happy to have some technologists jump in here and correct my thinking on that.

What I do like about Sysomos’s Hearbeat offering is the pricing. The entry point is $500 per month plus a set-up fee and that gets you a certain number of queries and topics. There’s no volume pricing or add on fees for more users, etc. The prices double for twice as many queries and topics, but starting at $500 makes that still a relatively reasonable cost for most folks looking to monitor the social web.

And since we’ve not really covered Sysomos on SME to date, it’s probably good to tell our agency friends out there they have a very attractive monitoring solution for you. Sysomos MAP, the company’s core product, is positioned as a market research tool. Honestly, it didn’t seem to be all that different from Heartbeat to me except for the price. It starts at $2500 per month, but gives the subscriber unlimited access. So, if you’re an agency handling 10-15 clients, the MAP tool does the same stuff and can save you a bunch of money on your monitoring costs.

Sysomos was the first tool I’d seen in a while that impressed me with their drill down capabilities and graphics for charts and reports. I like their influencer graph which shows blogs and subsequent blogs influenced by them in a sort of planet-satellite view. They do have automated sentiment and tone scoring (a plus) and have the added bonus of translating anything in the tool into more languages that I thought existed.

Overall, it’s a solid offering at a competitive price. I’m only disappointed I didn’t review the tool before now. It’s well worth looking into if you’re looking for a social media monitoring solution.

Check out Sysomos’s website and blog. And watch the video above to see a mini demo of the new Heartbeat.

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  • Another awesome addition to the platform, this will surely make me love this platform even more now.

  • Sysomos Adds Facebook Feature To Social Media Monitoring Solution Thanks for sharing knowledge..

  • Derek

    This is a very interesting blog post.
    Thanks for posting!

  • Derek

    This is a very interesting blog post.
    Thanks for posting!

  • To all the businesses that advertise on the social media today, there is certain to be a certain level of a reluctance to get involved; no one really knows exactly how many people get to see an ad on Facebook. Educated guesses could place it in the millions;

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  • Seems quite useful. Is it reliable?

    Laura Chapman
    Focus on topics that interest you the most. Create and Follow #Labels:

  • Hi Jason,
    We are probably too quiet with Alterian SM2's (Techrigy) features but we have been gathering Facebook results long before others announced similarly. We gather everything that is open to the public.
    And our customers can request to have their Facebook pages added. We've been doing that for awhile.

    It is important that organizations have as much access as possible to the conversations. We're all striving for that.
    SM2 also offers geo-mapping (not based on IP or hosting), similar pricepoint, and automated sentiment (with customizable dictionary).

    Director of Community Strategy, Alterian

    • Thanks Connie. I haven't forgotten about SM2. Thanks for filling us in.

  • That is very interesting. It's interesting to see vendors try to evolve their product according to what kind of access to data Facebook allows. This will be ever evolving and would be useful to get full understanding of this.

    The pricing is definitely decent as agencies and brands we are finding are encountering enterprise solutions which are above their budgets. The funny thing is that agencies do have a sh*tload of money but are focusing more on M&A then on technology.

    It'd be also interesting to find out, (and if anyone is reading this and knows.. I would love to hear it), how much of Facebook Insights can be accessed because I think Vitrue says it can access that and overlay additional things on it.

    Chris Brogan mentions: Monitor sales marketing and content marketing that drives leads instead of monitoring ROI. Monitoring responses to content and seeing how that affects sentiment or other elements will also be interesting to see.

    • Thanks for the further questions and discussion Azam. I'm pretty sure
      Facebook Insights are accessed in Sysomos's tool. I'm sure someone
      from there will confirm at some point. Thanks again!

  • goldenblogger

    Interesting article to read. Congratulations

  • Ya, I think this version of Heartbeat looks really good. The only problem is that it sort of looks a lot MORE like MAP now, and I'm left wondering if there is now more overlap in the features or anything like that. They have a comparison table on the Sysomos website, but didn't find that really answered all my questions… More so because of the way it works compared to map, if I remember correctly you don't have a free query input like you do most other tool but instead only monitor a specific set of brands (or something along those lines)

    I had no idea the tool was only $500 a month as well. That's pretty attractive pricing.

    Tracking public and even private Facebook pages is a big plus.

    • Thanks Malcolm. I too thought the two products looked surprisingly
      similar. But the unlimited pricing alone is a good move depending upon
      what you need to accomplish and for how many brands or products.
      Still, I would like to see Sysomos differentiate a bit better. Thanks
      for the feedback.

    • Malcolm,

      Thanks for feedback about the comparison table. We'll spend some time making sure the differences between MAP and Heartbeat are more clear.

      In a nutshell, Heartbeat offers social media monitoring and measurement that meets the needs of clients who want to know what's happening, and ways to measure the amount of activity for themselves and competitors.

      MAP also has these capabilities but also provides in-depth analytics tools, as well as the ability to generate information that can be used to create data and graphic-rich reports.


    • Johnas675

      Unfortunately you can't track private Facebook pages. Only public discussion boards of the top Facebook pages.

  • leonchaddock1

    No problem Jason. It wasn't totally incorrect an assumption to make. Truth is some providers do use IP address, which I feel is totally misleading. It's a question anyone looking at geolocation in a provider should ask. How do they do it? If they say IP address then you can't trust the geo location



  • nilesh_bansal

    Thanks for reviewing the Sysomos product suite.

    One correction – the geo-targeting based on IP addresses is often in-accurate, and hence Sysomos does not use IP addresses or urls. The system instead uses information on where the author resides. This way, my blog shows up in Toronto even though its hosted by Google in US.


    • Thank you Nilesh. I would be interested to know more about how that is
      parsed out. Where is a Twitter user if they don't volunteer their
      location? Where is a blogger? If a location can't be determined, do
      they factor in the metrics or not?

      All questions I should have asked when we talked. Sorry for the
      confusion in the post.

      • nilesh_bansal

        Since IP addresses are pure incorrect, we don't use them. All analysis is based only on what is disclosed in the content, and if nothing is disclosed then it defaults to unknown location. We do have a lot of parsing technology to correctly parse out the geographic information.

  • leonchaddock1

    Hi Jason,
    Using IP address is actually quite a inaccurate way of getting a location for an author. Some of our competitors I believe do use IP address. For instance this means every single blogspot blogger is from California! We steer well clear of this and actually use three different measures for geo-locating. This means we can't always find the location of a blogger, author, but for the large % that we do our location is pretty much spot on. If you need accurate geolocation you simply CAN NOT use ip addresses. Who cares which country the web site, blog platform etc is hosted. That offers no value.


    • Thanks Leon. Looks like Sysomos has corrected my assumptions as well.
      Thanks for the clarity on this.


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