Sysomos Adds Google+ Data To MAP Product
Sysomos Beats Monitoring Platforms To The Punch On Google+
Sysomos Beats Monitoring Platforms To The Punch On Google+

Sysomos announced this morning that it now integrates Google+ into its platform, becoming the first social media monitoring platform to integrate the newest of the big social networks. The Sysomos MAP product now monitors Google+ data and pulls it into its monitoring and analytics suite. MAP is the more advanced of Sysomos’s two major products, with Heartbeat being their entry level monitoring product. Yes, this means you’ll have to pay more to get access to it. Expect that to change as other competitors offer Google+ in their base offerings over time or as Sysomos rolls in more features with Google+.

Sysomos MAP users will be able to use their boolean searches to mine and pull mentions of keywords and keyword phrases. They’ll also be able to use the handy BuzzGraph analytics feature with Google+ data as well. This means the content will also be run through Sysomos’s sentiment analysis engines to offer up that perspective on the data, too.

Sysomos BuzzGraph showing Google+ DataWhile you have to applaud Sysomos for being first … the early bird gets the worm … expect other platforms to add it soon and make it part of their base offering … the second mouse gets the cheese. Not to say Sysomos doesn’t have a bit of an edge here, at least for the time being, but putting it in the MAP product, which is more of a business intelligence and analytics platform, rather than Heatbeat, their core monitoring platform, is a mistake, I think. Though Heartbeat pulls much of its data from MAP, they’re going to need to soon switch it over or they’ll get left behind when the Radian6’s of the world offer Google+ with their core packages.

But bravo to Nick Koudas and Nilesh Bansal and team for the work. Sysomos continues to stay on top of the monitoring world in terms of reaction time and offering features users want.

What do you think? Is Google+ worth paying extra for now? Will it set Sysomos apart? For how long? The comments are yours.

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