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Thank You, Social Media!
Thank You, Social Media!

Life is astonishing. Be grateful for every tiny aspect of it!

Social technologies and Web 2.0 applications change us more than we realize. Internet access, connectivity, and social media have changed the landscape of  nearly everything we do.  In the blink of an eye, connections are formed, possibilities become realities, and new relationships are formed.

It’s become almost common that something created  or discovered at breakfast over a scan of a tweetstream can become a “can’t live without” tool by dinnertime.

It is important that in the midst of our daily digital lives, we take some time to realize how lucky we are. I look at my life in the last 24 hours, and none of it would have been possible even a decade ago.

Here’s what is astonishing to me:

I am actually creating this blog post while sitting in the back corner of  La Guardia International Airport.  It’s 8pm.  I love New York, but I am not supposed to be here right now. I am supposed to be home in Iowa where I am scheduled to give a virtual presentation to clients on the the East Coast.  (At least, that was the plan.)

Because of social media and a few strategic MacGyver moves , I found a quiet, “temporary office” right here on the backside of the terminal. (As long as I move  every 30 minutes or so when the elevator opens up with a new crew of passengers, it has served me.)

I am not going to miss work or this weeks deadlines because I am plugged in, hooked up, connected, and ready to stay productive.

Using my iPhone, iPad , and my MacBookPro, I am getting more work done here, than I would just about anywhere else in my house.  I have cleared through a pile of email, caught up on two days of reading, finished three  ebooks, and as luck would have it, I just got a text from my virtual travel app; Trip Advisor alerting me that “I GET TO” keep writing this blog post to you because I’m going to be here another two hours!

I’m accessing the Internet through through my USB card, so I can tweet, FB, and message my friends and family without worry of costs incurred. And, with a few clicks of a button this crazy story will go out to thousands of people who will be reading it from who knows where on who knows what.

Social media gives us the power to do magic things; things that could not have been done even five years ago. We are privileged beings. We have access to this amazing space, we can glean insight from the world’s greatest minds, and we can have life changing relationships with individuals who we may never have a chance to meet or work with face to face. If that is not worth a thank you every once in a while; I am not sure what is.

So, say WOW with me today! Let’s not let one another lose sight of the fact that we literally have the world at our fingertips. Give thanks to what we are capable of doing because of this thing we call Social Media.

Take just five minutes today and take stock of what social media has afforded you.

What are you most thankful for?

Do tell!

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About the Author

Angela Maiers
Angela is an active blogger, social media evangelist , and passionate advocate for bridging the gap between business and education. She is a recognized educational leader, trainer, and author. She is the owner and Chief Learning Officer at Maiers Educational Services, a company emphasizing the creative use of technology and social media to advance learning; in and out of the classroom.
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  • Jacranford

    I agree that social media can be a blessing. Being able to contact people from around the world in your car, on a plane, or while waiting at the doctor’s office is something we take for granted. We are able to be reached at any time and any place. News, music, and non-stop communication all come into our lives through our phones and laptops. Too often do we take the ability to do these things for granted. I like that your post reminds us all to be thankful for the technology we have come to expect.

    Jaley Cranford
    Platform Online Magazine Editor

  • yes !its true we are communicating with the world within seconds and without spending a single penny ! this is how ,it s through social network anything the world should know can get in these sites and share with world ! there are billions of people on these websites and they get to know through you ! its amazing

  • Aly

    Hey Angela – This is an older post but I just came across it!

  • nance young

    Social media obviously changed the way people communicate. It has been the fastest and easiest way to communicate wherever, whenever you are. social media management has been a part of it.

  • Definitely, social media deserves our applause. Even if we ignore how social media is helping us in our business, we can surely thanks it for bringing our long lost friends together spread across the world.

  • Totally right! Very well observed ;) It’s all changing and advancing so fast, see how big and important networks like Facebook have become in only a few years. At least I do not notice that in everyday’s experience but every now and then I realize just what you have described. Thanks for that one!

  • It’s true! Eventhough there might be a hell lot of problems which come along with social media, I really appreciate what it can do too, just for the private life. So at the moment I’m most thankful for being able to witness two beautiful weddings from friends of mine who I most likely would have lost touch with without having facebook to keep us connected over time and space!

    • Thanks for sharing this Katharina. I think we spend so much time looking forward; we forget to look back and say WOW! Look how far we have come! It really is amazing!

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  • Great post. You are
    right. Social Media is not a platform to deliver sales pitch. It’s not about
    talking about yourself. Listening to the audience to find out their needs and
    then responding to them to fulfill those can result in a healthy relationship
    in between the business and its customers. And Social Media is the right
    place to practice that.

    • Thanks for the feedback! Social media is the perfect place to practice connecting and responding to the needs of others we serve. Love that attitude and perspective- thanks for sharing it here!

    • Thanks for the feedback! Social media is the perfect place to practice connecting and responding to the needs of others we serve. Love that attitude and perspective- thanks for sharing it here!

    • Thanks for the feedback! Social media is the perfect place to practice connecting and responding to the needs of others we serve. Love that attitude and perspective- thanks for sharing it here!

  • Rosemary

    We do take too much for granted. My last favorite social media save was when I was able to solve a customer’s tweeted problem while waiting for my food at Red Robin, from my iPhone. It only took me 2 minutes, but made a big impact for the person on the other end. Social media rocks. Period.

    • I agree Rosemary. Social media does rock. Period!


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