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Podcasting Today – Nielsen

It was funny that podcasts saw their audience engage during a pandemic which drove millions of people indoors and in front screens.

This is a sign of increased engagement for many reasons.

  • While audio is often considered an in-car medium by many, podcasting has become more popular at home.
  • The media choice landscape is changing faster than ever.
  • Advertising to a wider audience offers advertisers greater reach and more brand recognition than any other form of advertising.

As many consumers are returning to some of their prepandemic habits, podcast advertising is a great option for brands who want to raise their visibility or drive higher-funnel interaction. In fact, SME’s ongoing consumer sentiment study found in March 2022 that podcast listeners are more likely than the general population to resume some of their pre-pandemic activities, including shopping for groceries at physical stores, shopping for non-grocery items at physical stores and dining out at restaurants.

When you pair that positive sentiment with the fact that podcast advertisements drive 14 points in brand awareness and 7 points in information seeking*, brands have more to capitalize on than a medium that’s becoming increasingly more mainstream.

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*SME Podcast Ad Effectiveness data

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