Win A Pass To BlogWorld In New York City!
Give A Full Access BlogWorld Pass To Your Favorite Client, Company or Friend!
Give A Full Access BlogWorld Pass To Your Favorite Client, Company or Friend!

By now you’ve probably heard the news that BlogWorld & New Media Expo is coming to New York and L.A. this year. Register to attend and use the code “SMEVIP” and you’ll get a 20 percent discount on me! But that’s just a sidebar to this post.

BlogWorld is the biggest conference devoted to blogging and social media. But with the NYC-LA split, it is now the two biggest events in the blogging and social media world. I’m thrilled for Rick Calvert and crew for the move because it will take the knowledge, networking and opportunities to more people, even if it does mean my Mall Bar Tweetup in Vegas will be a thing of the past.

I want to invite you to join me at BlogWorld in New York on May 24-26. (Don’t forget the “SMEVIP” code for 20% off!) I’ll be speaking on brands and blogs and how bloggers can leverage relationships with big brands successfully. I’ll share some ideas that can help even small blogs connect with brands for sponsorships and more. And yes, I’ll also drop some reality checks on the bloggers that think they’re hot stuff … the ones brands hate (and may soon refuse to even think about) working with.

The Future of Social Media Marketing Begins Here. Register Now!But I also want you to invite the companies, brands and clients you know who will benefit from the event most. We need to make a big splash with a new audience at BlogWorld this year and you can help make that happen.

In order to encourage you to do so, I’m giving away a Full Access Pass to BlogWorld East in New York City. It’s a $1,295 value and includes access to the Social Media Business Summit track! But I want you to nominate someone you think will benefit from the event so we give this opportunity to a business or brand that can use the help. They’ll get everything … keynotes, sessions, parties and all the benefits that come with a full access pass. Their travel and accommodations are their responsibility (unless a generous sponsors wants to step forward and make the SME package a dandy) but the conference fee is on me.

Not only that, but I’m giving away three runners-up Exhibition Passes ($50 values each) that will get the recipients in to the conference keynotes, exhibition floor and one official conference party/event each evening.

The giveaway is part of my learning community, Exploring Social Media, and its media partnership with BlogWorld this year.

Here’s how you participate and the contest works:

  1. Leave the name, title and company name of the person or business you wish to send to BlogWorld East May 24-26 in New York City. Tell me why you think they would benefit from the event. Yes, you can nominate yourself but a third-party nomination will probably come across better.
    I’m looking for brand and business people, with a preference for non-agency/firm/consultant types, so that we can bring someone to the event that will take the knowledge back and help a non-marketing consulting or services business. It’s not that I wouldn’t award someone at an agency or firm, but BlogWorld needs more brand managers, CMOs, business owners and brand-side folks to soak up that knowledge.If you’d like to nominate with a video, please do so (Disqus should accommodate that. If not, leave a link to a YouTube or similar video for me to watch.)All nominations received by 5 p.m. ET on Friday, May 6 (in the comments section of this blog post and no other) will be considered. Nominations made by email, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube without links in the comments here, Pony Express or floral delivery will be ignored. You must leave the nomination in the comments of this post and no other post. Hope that’s clear.
  2. A panel of one (namely me) will pick the most compelling of those nominated based on my personal opinion as to who will benefit most from coming. I’ll perhaps consult a few friends to break ties in my mind and etc., but the decision is mine and only mine. I will be fair in adjudicating the selection. If you don’t like the terms, don’t nominate anyone. I’ll announce the winner Monday, May 9 on this blog.
  3. I will award the three runners-up similarly and similar rules apply.
  4. While I want you to share the post and news of your nomination, ask folks to second the nominations, etc., on Twitter/Facebook/etc., please do not campaign to me publicly or privately … especially privately. Anyone sending me random crap, personal pleas for mercy, etc., will be eliminated.  I’ll consider only those nominations and information placed in the comments here. You can comment as many times as you want, but if I think you’re spamming, you’ll lose credibility in the voting process.

That’s it. Yes, it’s informal, but you can trust that I will select the person or company that can really benefit from the great talks and speakers at BWE NYC. Those include: Gary VaynerchukAmber NaslundRich BrooksC.C. ChapmanAliza ShermanTom WebsterWendy PiersallJohnny B. Truant, Jonathan Fields, Lucrettia Pruitt, Jay Baer … And those are just a few of the big names announced already. More are coming and my head is already spinning at how cool this will be.

Look at the initial topics for yourself. Whether you’re a blogger looking to grow or monetize, or a brand marketer hoping to build blogs or connections to bloggers, this is a must-attend event. So I want to make sure someone deserving must attends!

For those of you who have yet to purchase a ticket to BlogWorld East and are going to, click on the big logo thingy here in the post to register. Use the code “SMEVIP” and get a 20 percent discount … on me!

Yeah, it’s an affiliate link. You know how much I like cheeseburgers.

See you in the Big Apple. We’ll paint the town, BlogWorld style.

About the Author

Jason Falls
Jason Falls is the founder of Social Media Explorer and one of the most notable and outspoken voices in the social media marketing industry. He is a noted marketing keynote speaker, author of two books and unapologetic bourbon aficionado. He can also be found at
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  • Jason, I would like to nominate Emily Van Winkle (@evanwinkle) , Social Media Manager for LeapFrog Interactive. She is instrumental in our department in driving social media for our clients. She is a champion for social media and loves bringing new, inventive ideas for the table. Her enthusiasm is infectious and would be a great addition to the conference., Social Media Manager for LeapFrog Interactive. She is instrumental in our department in driving social media for our clients. She is a champion for social media and loves bringing new, inventive ideas for the table. Her enthusiasm is infectious and would be a great addition to the conference.

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  • Pingback: And The Winner Of The Free Full Access Pass To BlogWorld Is … | Social Media Explorer()

  • Hey Jason, I created a video nomination for Greg Hartle (I already submitted, but wanted to give you more info. through a video), so here it is!

  • Hi Jason! I’d like to nominate Robin Ahn (@robin_ahn), Marketing Director of Buyosphere and amazing person behind events like StartupDrinks Montreal. Here is my video endorsement:

    (can’t embed!)

    • Plus one for Robin!

    • Nice. Almost felt like I was sitting on the floor with you. Heh.

    • Thanks so much for endorsing me, @missrogue:disqus! :) Heh, you know I’m always looking for a reason to drop into my favourite city. This would be my first BlogWorld too.

      I’m going to be magnanimous and say “it’s just an honour to be nominated” with these very worthy entries but….I kinda wanna go to The Ball.

      • +1 for Robin! Few are as well connected, graceful, and sharp as she.

    • +100 for Robin! The world needs more people like Robin, and if nothing else more people need to know of Robin.

  • Hi Jayson, I created a video nomination on YouTube.

    • Nicely done, sir. You appear to be about 9-years-old to me, but very cool. Thanks!

      • LOL About 7 years older than that. And you’re welcome ;)

  • I am nominating Christina Coster (@mizcity), founder of EventCamp. Christina is a thought-leader and saw a need for affordable education on social media for events. As an independent event planner, she could never afford the big-box industry events, but still needed the education. Christina didn’t just have an idea. She acted on it with a single tweet: “who wants to plan an eventcamp.” From that moment on she brought a community together. A community of event professionals who wanted to take events to the next level and who wanted to get together because of the bond that they formed online.
    Since you were one of the keynote speakers at the first EventCamp, you saw first-hand what her vision turned into – a real event with 75 attendees plus a significant virtual audience. Since then there have been three more events with at least four more planned for the future. Her vision created a movement.
    Just to add, she is a wonderful friend and person. I didn’t know her before EventCamp (full-disclosure, I am a co-founder with her), but I am so glad that I know her now. And of course, she still can’t afford to attend big conferences and would be a great addition as a BlogWorld attendee. She lives in NYC so getting there is easy for her too! Pick Christina, pretty please!

    • I’m with Jessica on this one.

      • Thanks @JessicaLevin and @JeffHurt:disqus ! I would be incredibly honored to be chosen to attend BlogWorld. A blog is the missing piece to my social media puzzle and I think this would be the perfect educational opportunity for me. Also, as EventCamp continues to grow, it’s important to be able to stay on top of social media innovation so we can keep our Event and Meeting planners informed. Thanks again for the nomination!

  • Mike Wunsch

    Today, I’m nominating Emily Van Winkle, from LeapFrog Interactive. I hired Ms. Van Winkle at LFI, in 2008, and there were many wonderful characteristics about her attitude and skill set that stood out to me. One such characteristic was her willingness to do whatever it takes to continue her learning. Everything she knew, she discovered for herself. In the social media world, that can be intimidating. She would benefit greatly from the opportunity to join you at BlogWorld. It’s my sincere recommendation that you take her with you!

  • Emily Carroll

    Mr. Falls – I nominate my fabulous co-worker, Ms. Emily Van Winkle ( @evanwinkle ). I know you said that there is preference for non-agency professionals but I urge you to consider her. Emily is a go-to gal for social media marketing strategy and execution at our agency. What’s really wonderful about her is that she not only tirelessly researches new trends/technology but she eagerly shares it with our entire office. She’s held impromptu tutorials and trainings that help our staff understand how social media is affecting our society and culture, on both local, national, and global scales. She incorporates social media into many facets of her life and when she experiences advertising that she appreciates, she shares it — the epitome of her profession. Unfortunately, our team doesn’t get many opportunities to travel to seminars and conventions so we must fend for ourselves in that regard :) This is my opportunity to support her in something that she really, really wants… and quite frankly, seriously deserves! Thank you for considering her!

  • Jack Sullivan

    I would like to nominate my son Justin Sullivan. He is a remodeler in Louuisville ky. He has such as a passion for helping people and has a huge heart. Of course I am biased but the reason I want him to win is last month he was diagnosed with rheumatic fever. It has left him without the abilities needed to be a remodeler. He has been without work for a month and they had told him he was probably going to have to find another line of work. Since he was the only one working in his family it has been tough for him and his 3 kids (with one on the way). He would never let anyone know how it has affected him but as his dad I can tell. He loves remodeling and helping people with their housing problems and I know it kills him not being able to do it. Thats where I think this could help. Justin loves Social Media and has always believed in the affect it has on others lives and I believe he could incorporate it into his business with a little guidance and even though he can’t physically do the remodeling he can still help through his thoughts and ideas. It would be a great opportunity for him to be able to experience something like this. Thanks jason for this contest .

  • Anonymous

    Okay Jason, I nominate my client Chrissy Haberle (@ieeesa and @cribitchy) of the IEEE Standards Association. IEEE is the largest non-profit, global professional organization in the world. The IEEE-SA is the standards-making arm of the IEEE, and their work touches about every aspect of your life in some way — from the wiring in your home to the phone in your hand and the monitor you are now looking at. IEEE-SA was responsible for standards like 802.11 wireless… and many others. The IEEE-SA has been working hard to redesign their web properties, consolidate web presence (we recently took their site from 26k pages to under 10k), launch new web-enabled tools, engage in blogging, put up a new online store and have become active on Twitter, Facebook and other social channels. It’s been an evolution – not a revolution — but a LOT of hard work. Chrissy has been a pivotal part of all this — and has been absolutely nose to the grindstone on all of it. I think participating in Blog World will infuse this fresh-faced, Digital Marketing leader with insight and perspective that will help her drive the momentum forward at the IEEE-SA. In turn she can bring that insight and perspective back with her, as she and her superiors work to to shift the culture there to embrace social networking, new tools and virtual collaboration. This will be important for the future of the IEEE as well as standards development, as the Association engages with a younger, new dynamic demographic that will drive the future of standards collaboration.

  • I’m nominating the gals at @aboutcurves ( – A mom and daughter, they operate a plus-size lingerie business. But, get this – they aren’t selling sex. They’re selling confidence.

    This company has a great belief system and core values. Unfortunately, only recently did they find an SEO and marketing firm that really “listened” to them (too many previous ones got them banned on public WiFis because they kept trying to brand on the terms – you guessed it – sex).

    Mostly, these gals become personal shoppers for women, helping build confidence. They’ve invested a great deal in their business (they do all photo shoots in-house). They know their customers, and have great insight on what their target audience wants. They just need the guidance on how to reach them via blogging and social media.

  • I nominate Gloria Bell ( because she’s a people connector and a lover of life and a hugger and a great friend – and she has just the right blend of awesome sauce that you would want to be at your expo!

  • Pandtsaunt

    Jason…I would like for you to consider my nommination: Gary Doyle! @gary_doyle ( Gary has always had a drive for business, marketing, and social networking. I am amazed every time that I read his blog and listen to his ideas for marketing whether it was for a special promotion that he was in charge of or helping his oldest son promote a cookie sale as part of his 3rd grade consumer/producer project. Being given this opportunity to attend this conference would allow Gary to not only learn how to fine tune his marketing skills through social networking, but it would also give him the opportunity to network with companies that are looking for his type of initative. Bringing Gary to this conference will help jump start the next phase of his career. Please consider him for this amazing opportunity!

  • Wanda

    I nominate Gary Doyle husband@gary_doyle and his work on Gary is the most creative, marketing savvy person I know. With his background in competitive analysis and in the marketing field he is always looking through a different scope than anyone else. When Gary blogs, people listen. His creative style is like no other. Gary is a great Dad and husband and an AMAZING social networker. I know his ideas will change how we work and live! Given this opportunity, I think it will help Gary with that big break. This entrepreneur cannot be held back. He will conquer!

  • Jenni_doyle

    I would like to nominate my husband @gary_doyle ( After his position was eliminated, Gary stepped into the role of “domestic engineer” within our home to help care for our 3 children. With his background in marketing and a need to be creative, Gary uses his blog and other social media channels as a way to share his perspective on consumer marketing and some fun stories of his new adventures in stay-at-home parenting. He is looking for ways to extend his creativity and marketing expertise into business opportunities and this conference could help him put the pieces of this puzzle together. Gary has supported me in my career, including taking on the majority of the work around the house so that I could go back to school. This event would not only be rewarding for him professionally, but this stay-at-home dad deserves a break!

  • I’m going to have to nominate Jodi Gersh (@jodiontheweb) of Gannett. As the gal who’s responsible for making sure all of Gannett’s publications across the country are leveraging social tools the their maximum advantage, she’s the driving force behind properties like USA Today. I was stunned when I heard they weren’t sending her this year and if she wanted to come, she’d have to foot her own bill. Huge frowny face, but I digress. As someone who’s responsible for shaping the future of a traditional media outlet’s transition from printed to digital, I can’t think of someone who would take the nuggets from the conference and use them to sprout a full-on gold mine of actionable knowledge. And that, sir, is that!

  • Jason, I think that Theodora Blanchfield (@TBlanchfield) who is not just working in social media but living social media would be an ideal nomination. Theodora has created an impressive social following as a side passion project on her blog For her day job she handles social media social media for the publisher Hachette Fillipacchi in NYC. I think that if you take a moment and look at Theodora’s documented weight loss journey you will see how much value she has provided to others who are looking to lose weight while maintaining an active social NYC lifestyle.

  • Jason, I think BlogWorld is just what Lisa Klebba (@ljohnstone, whose pseudonym is @hyperchondria) needs to help her realize her potential as a CMO and manager of a small blog with an impressive following. She uses some new media in her 9-to-5 but her passion is using it with her personal blog. Her dream is to link her blog,, to a bigger business venture that is also cause-related. So far, she’s declined unsolicited offers of ad revenue and limits her activity with topic-based blog communities (many who will be at BlogWorld). She’s just not sure where she, her blog, and her business ideas fit in – something all the sessions and networking at BlogWorld can help her do. Lisa reads every site and book she can find on blogging, content marketing and new media, and is also attending Marketing Profs University. This would be her first Expo related to blogging, new media, etc. and the timing couldn’t be better. As her husband as well as a fan of her blog, I appreciate the opportunity to nominate her and know she would do wonderful things with the information learned there.

  • I’d like to nominate my friend Jackie Vettorino (@jvettorino) who, in the interest of full disclosure, is an agency veteran, albeit a very cool one. During the time I worked with her at Fleishman-Hillard, Jackie proved repeatedly that she could be relied on as both a rock solid resource for common sense and forward thinking, and a mentor for those looking to become better brand managers for our clients within the digital realm.

    I’ve also had the pleasure to continue working with Jackie on the music blog she started a few years ago,, which she’s grown from a modest endeavor to a site that receives close to 30k visits a month.

    To be completely selfish, I know that any insight Jackie gained at BlogWorld would be filtered out to a lot of people (self-included) and sending her would mean that a lot of us will benefit. I’ve worked with a lot of agency people (I am one – comes with the territory) but Jackie is one of a select group that really made me see the potential for us on this side of the business to lead creative innovation and strategic thought in completely new directions.

  • Anonymous

    My fiancée Stéphanie Montreuil (@Fleur_De_Lotus) is the Director of Communications for the Canadian Propane Association. She is super intelligent (definitely smarter than me!), dedicated, and a consummate professional.

    Aside from work, she hosts her own blog – – and is active in social media circles of all kinds. Stéphanie is always reaching out to the community and giving back. She was one of the main organizers for Twestival Ottawa on March 24th, which raised over $13,000 for charity.

    I know the opportunity to attend BlogWorld would be a thrill for her. Since we’re planning our wedding, the disposable income that she would have had to attend just isn’t available anymore, so winning the Full Access Pass would be wonderful (not to mention huge bonus points for me!) :)

  • Hi Jason,
    Thanks for the amazing opportunity! I would like to send my GF Adrienne Sender (@adriennesender) to BlogWorld East. I know that she would love to go and think she would benefit greatly. She is a jack of all trades at Stanley Steemer Int, handling their social media, along with their corporate PR & email marketing efforts. I know she would take the knowledge and use it to help grow the company’s marketing efforts, which she is very passionate about. She is always interested in speaking with professionals from other big consumer brands to learn about their success stories and speak about the industry. I think that she would greatly benefit and would appreciate the opportunity more than you can imagine.


  • Um, can I just say awesomesauce? Huge fan of the completely subjective adjudication. All judging is subjective, after all, so why not just admit to it.

    Okay, I’m going to nominate Chris Syme (of She is my mom, therefore she rocks hardcore. But as far as why she should get to come to your expo (other than her awesomeness, which is not arguable and also factual), she is a voracious learner and she only picks the best of the best to learn from. She works with non-profit organizations (universities, hospitals, libraries, youth organizations, pretty much anything in the not-making-money variety) to maximize their social media viability. Every book that comes out about Facebook or Twitter or blogging or metrics, she buys it. She is on a mission to be the best resource she can to a group of people who are struggling financially, and need the resources she provides.

    So if you think about it, by choosing her, you could be making an impact on millions of people through not only the organizations she works with, but the people those organizations serve. By choosing my mom (who, by the way, is awesome and fun to hang out with), you could be making hospitals run more efficiently and molding the minds of the future doctors of America. Think of it as saving a life. Or lots of lives. Heck, you could even think of it as saving the whole world! That’s how I like to think of it.

    So once again, pick Chris Syme. Save the world. It’s like Heroes, only without cheerleaders. (Although she was a cheerleader in high school, so maybe it’s EXACTLY like Heroes.)

  • Hey Jason,
    I’d like nominate my mentor, Greg Hartle. Greg is an entrepreneur currently engaged in his project, called Ten Dollars and a Laptop. For this project, he is traveling the United States, blogging about his raw experiment in conscious capitalism, and interviewing 500 entrepreneurs along the way. So far, Greg has been very proactive in learning how to navigate Social Media and Online Marketing on his own, but this conference will help him take the Ten Dollars and a Laptop blog, and brand, to the next level. There’s a whole lot more I could tell you about Greg and how this conference will benefit this project, but I figure the blog will show you this. Visit to take a look.
    Thanks for the Consideration!

  • I would like to nominate BlueMile. BlueMile is a specialty retailer offering shoes, apparel and accessories for runners and walkers. They have an amazing customer focus, understand that social media is important and are willing learners and participants when it comes to integrating social media into their marketing plan.

  • am I disqualified from entering? =p

    • Not if you give me two more full access passes to give away! Heh.

  • I nominate Michelle Wolverton, one of my closest friends and a damn good practitioner of small business marketing & efficiency practices. She runs her own business in Boston helping companies fix up blogs, SM campaigns, and other broken digital marketing practices. She’d specifically benefit from the opportunity to meet more of the new media crowd in person outside of Boston, which is where she’s based.


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