Expion Brings Social Media Management Expertise To Explore
Expion Brings Social Media Management Expertise To Explore
Expion Brings Social Media Management Expertise To Explore

Social Media Explorer is gearing up for a five-city event tour this year with our signature event, Explore. We open up the tour in Dallas-Fort Worth on Feb. 17. The first 100 to register get exclusive pricing (just $250) for the all-day, intensive learning event that will feature some of the leading thinkers in the digital and social media marketing industry. Copyblogger’s Brian Clark, Edison Research’s Tom Webster, Edelman’s Zena Weist and many more highlight the speaking roster. Don’t miss this! Register now!

As with any event, Explore will also have sponsors on hand. But like we’ve done with the advertising here on the website, we’ve gone through and selectively chosen sponsors and companies that aren’t just coming to sell you a product. They’re bringing their expertise to help you become better digital marketers, too.

One such company is Expion, a long-standing client of SME’s and one of the leading social media management software solutions on the market. I’m excited to announce that Expion has signed up to be one of our two presenting sponsors for the entire, five city tour. They are helping us make these events awesome experiences for you.

In Dallas, Kevin Magee, Expion’s VP for Sales, is going to give a talk on how brands can go local and get closer to their customers. He’s bringing some statistics and case studies to show how much more effective local branded pages are versus national or corporate ones. He’ll talk through strategies big companies can use to get more relevant connections with their customers.

And he’ll be happy to show you Expion’s software while you’re there. As, I’m sure, will all the other sponsors. But helping you get a better grasp on your digital marketing and social media marketing efforts is what Explore is all about. Expion (and our other sponsors, including co-presenting sponsor Raven Internet Marketing Tools which we’ll tell you more about soon) is there to do just that.

Check out Expion before you come, if you like. And make sure to say hello to Kevin in Dallas.

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