Nominate A Client Or Colleague For A Free Pass To BlogWorld L.A.
Nominate A Client Or Colleague For A Free Pass To BlogWorld In LA!
Nominate A Client Or Colleague For A Free Pass To BlogWorld In LA!

It’s BlogWorld & New Media Expo time again gang and yet again, Social Media Explorer is giving away a free pass to BlogWorld Los Angeles to one lucky business person, marketer or blogger and three runners-up Expo passes in our Social Media Explorer Free Pass To BlogWorld Giveaway. Like we did in the spring for BlogWorld New York, we are taking nominations for a deserving business person, marketer or blogger who you think deserves a free pass to BlogWorld Los Angeles, Nov. 3-5 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The event features awesome speakers like Peter Shankman, Liz Strauss, Amber Naslund, Jay Baer, Jeremy Wright, Lisa Barone … and a ton more. I’ll be speaking there as well in one of their new Track Keynote segments. I will be talking about Bullshit, but not doing the “book talk,” as it were. Trust me, it’ll be a hoot.

You should sign up now (use the discount code “SME20” and you’ll get a 20% discount on any ticket price) and plan to be there. Blog World & New Media Expo is the largest conference singularly devoted to blogging and social media. I’ve attended all of them and don’t plan on missing anytime soon. Trust me. For the networking, content and experience, this is one show you need to attend whether you’re a blogger, a brand or a marketer.

But don’t just come yourself! Nominate a client, colleague or friend to get a free pass to Blogworld (a full access one valued at just under $1,300) by participating in the Social Media Explorer Free Pass To BlogWorld Giveaway. Here’s how the contest works:

Save 20% when you register for BlogWorldExpo in Los Angeles, Nov. 3-5, 2011.

  1. Leave the name, title and company of the person or business you wish to send to BlogWorld L.A. in the comments of this blog post. (No comments on Google+ or Facebook or other scraped editions will count. They have to be on this blog post on Tell me in the comment why you think they would benefit from coming to BlogWorld L.A. In the spring, we allowed people to nominate themselves. I just think that’s tacky, so find someone to nominate you if you really want it that bad. Keep in mind that I’m looking for brand and business people first, with a preference for non-marketing consultants or service businesses that sell to brands. It’s not that someone from an agency or firm can’t win the free pass to BlogWorld, but the event needs more brands, businesses and client-side marketers there. So I’m biased. If your story is compelling enough though, anyone can win. You’re welcome to nominate via video. Disqus, my commenting system, should accommodate that. If not, leave the link to a YouTube or other video where you tell the story in the comments section here.
  2. All comments to be considered must be made by 5 p.m. ET on Friday, Oct. 7, 2011. Any nomination posted after said time will not be considered. Nominations made by Twitter, Facebook, Email, Pony Express or otherwise not in the comments section of this blog will not be considered either. It pays to follow instructions.
  3. A panel of one (namely me) will pick the most compelling of those nominated based on my personal opinion of who I think will benefit most with the free pass to BlogWorld. I will be fair in adjudicating the selection. The decision is mine and only mine. If you don’t like the terms, don’t nominate anyone. I’ll announce the winner on Monday, Oct. 10 here on this blog.
  4. I will aware three runners-up who will receive free Expo passes to BlogWorld L.A. as well. Those passes get you into the Exhibition Hall, Keynotes and parties associated with the event.
  5. While I want you to share the contest with your networks so more worthy candidates can be nominated, ask folks to nominate others and the like, please do not campaign publicly or privately other than contributing a nomination in the comments of this post. I don’t need more spam and junk an pleas for favoritism. If you push, I’ll consider your nomination less. Do it once here and that’s it, please. You are welcome to comment as many times as you like, but don’t be spammy.

Our BlogWorld New York winner is a great example of the kind of story and person we’re looking to help with the pass. Justin Sullivan was a home remodeler forced to reconsider his profession when he was diagnosed with rheumatic fever. His hope was to learn marketing to serve that function in his family business rather than be one of the front line folks climbing ladders and installing cabinets, etc. Without the switch to focus on the marketing of his family business, he would be forced out of his job and have to go learn another trade, one that fit his new medically forced lifestyle. Sending him to BlogWorld was awesome for him and his family business.

So keep that in mind. Nominate a client, a colleague or a friend that could get major benefits for their business by coming to BlogWorld. It doesn’t require a heart-strings story, only one that clearly shows why that person or business will benefit from coming.

Drop your nominations below and good luck!

And by the way: There’s no purchase necessary to participate in this contest and it is void where prohibited by law. (Thanks, Stephanie!)

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Jason Falls
Jason Falls is the founder of Social Media Explorer and one of the most notable and outspoken voices in the social media marketing industry. He is a noted marketing keynote speaker, author of two books and unapologetic bourbon aficionado. He can also be found at
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  • Drew

    I would like to nominate Elizabeth Nerland from Crescendo Consulting in Anchorage Alaska.  Full disclosure up front, Elizabeth is my wife, but personal bias aside I believe she would receive the most benefit from an experience like this and here is why.

    A while ago Elizabeth left a lucrative marketing manager position to start Crescendo Consulting and go into business herself.  As I was still in school, her new venture was our primary source of income. Crescendo either had to sink or swim if we were going to make it.
    She saw a need for small businesses in Anchorage to incorporate social media into their brands and positioned Crescendo to help them do that.  It worked, and she now fills a niche that was badly needed in Anchorage.

    Needless to say, we do not get many opportunities like BlogWorld up here in Alaska.  It isn’t like deciding to drive from Portland to L.A. to attend a conference.  It takes a few more resource$ when you are talking about Alaska.  An opportunity to attend an event like BlogWorld is for the most part out of the realm of possibility for a majority of small businesses in Alaska.  As a result, enabling someone like Elizabeth to attend BlogWorld will exponentially increase the impact of the information.  Injecting that knowledge it into an area of the country that it otherwise may not reach in any tangible way.

    p.s. if you pick her I will take you fishing up here in Alaska :)

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to actually nominate two people, even more so now because of the amazing award they recently received and the fact that they are LA bloggers.  Two of my very good friends Zack Jerome & Gary Lee each both won CBS Los Angeles’ Most Valuable Blogger Award in the Sports category (  Zack’s blog Arrogant Nation ( won for People’s Choice and Gary’s blog Lakers Nation ( won for Editor’s Choice. 

    What I love about both of their blogs is that they’ve activated a huge following and community that’s truly rooted with the fans.  For Zack, the USC community has looked to him every weekend after a football game to hear him say the most arrogant things that every USC sports fan is thinking and would love to say out loud. For Gary, I’ve seen a Lakers Nation grow from a “blog” to now as a “source” and destination site for everything you need to know about the Lakers.

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with both of them and would like to recommend them for BWE LA.

  • I’d like to nominate ….Jennifer Iannolo, Founder & CEO of Zenfully Delicious – She also blogs at and is @foodphilosophy:twitter on Twitter.

    I’ve never met Jennifer in person, but we are connected through social media (of course) as well as many mutual “face to face” friends.

    I think you’ll agree that her story is unique. I asked her to tell me a bit about how she got to where she is today as well as how she would benefit from attending BlogWorld in LA.

    The following is what she said (note: this is verbatim): 

    “After 20 years in the world of fine food and wine, my body decided to turn on me. Working from bed with the crippling pain of fibromyalgia, feeling like my life was over, and with the knowledge that I had to give up many things I loved — including bread and wine — I decided there had to be a better way. I reached out to my online community for help, and out of that, my doctor showed up, I created a huge support network and got myself well to the point where I’m in the best health since my 20s.

    I’m now taking that support team out to the world, offering a hand to every person in chronic pain who feels hopeless and helpless. I created Zenfully Delicious last year to get that started (it’s the beta version), and later this month we’ll launch a whole new program with coaching, a community of support teams and trainers, a full editorial staff and lots of tough love to get people out of the misery of chronic illness and on their way to living a delicious life. Because they say so.

    Earlier this year I was invited to give the keynote at the International Culinary Tourism conference, and I’ll be speaking at some other places around the country through the next year. My mission is nothing less than to rid this planet of chronic illness — one illness at a time. I’ve shared my story here ( so you can see.”

    Considering that there is a Social Heath Track now, Jennifer would (again in her own words):

    *Gain insights on building a thriving community to support people with chronic illness
    *Find out the latest insights from health care companies and their vision for what is possible through new media to cultivate and support better health practices*Provide a voice of advocacy for those with chronic illness looking to forge a relationship with those health care companies

    So there you have it. Jennifer is officially in the race!

    • Second this nomination! Definitely hope Jennifer will be able to make it!

  • Hey Jason,

    I’d like to nominate Bryan Srabian (@srabe) for the free pass to BlogWorld. Bryan is the Director of Social Media for the San Francisco Giants. He’s a great guy, super smart and always willing to help. He’s also led the Giants in their efforts to engage fans and support their business goals (ultimately, to sell out games) through social media. He’s got some great stories about how the Giants are leveraging social media to engage fans and make them feel special. I think people at BlogWorld would really enjoy getting to know him and could learn some things from him. And I know Bryan would really appreciate getting to hang out with some great people and pick their brains about how the Giants can continue to be innovative with social media. I hope you pick Bryan, as I think he would be a great addition to gang at BlogWorld.

  • Patricia Wenskunas

    I would like to nominate Courtney Rayburn who is employed with Palace Entertainment as their Social Media Manager. She is also on the Board of Directors for Crime Survivors, Inc. Her support and volunteering in her community deserves to be recognized, she always goes above and beyond. She is a great support to many in her community. Courtney’s media knowledge, training and patience to work primarily with small non-profits providing them an edge with social media would be a great asset to many. I hope you will consider her, she is well deserving of this opportunity.  Thanks for your consideration, we hope you will choose Courtney Rayburn.
    Sincerely, Patricia Wenskunas.

  • I would like to Nominate Benjamin Goodrich… Who i am Marrying exactly one week after BWELA and wouldnt leave home without… so he will be sitting in my hotel room… waiting for me …. Okay really… I just need to get him an exhibitors pass… and a gold star.. for loving me.. and helping me get there!!!

  • Hey Jason

    I would like to nominate Heather Brunson, my marketing manager over here at She is a diamond and super encouraging towards all our crazy ideas. 3 of her team are hoping to go to BlogWorld Expo so if Heather gets a ticket she’ll be more inclined to buy tickets for the rest of us.

    Right now its raining in southern California and her office has a leak, so it would also really brighten her day if she won.

    Keep up the good work and hopefully see you at Blog World.

  • Christina

    I nominate J.R. Reed.  He is trying to help his brother’s two businesses ( and enter the 21st century.  He knows very little about social media and how to use it to make a company grow.  He’s eager to learn and this experience would be awesome.  I know neither he nor the company can really afford the ticket and this would be teh educational experience of a lifetime for him.

  • I would like to nominate Beth Gaddis from Coast Dental (  I hired Beth while I was at Coast Dental as their Online Community Manager.  She has since taken that role and exploded it into so much more.  She single-handedly owns not only the brand’s image online, but manages their content strategy from the high-level all the way through to author each and every blog post they have.  

    With Coast Dental’s recent acquisition of another 57 dental practices through SmileCare, she now is responsible for their reputation management as well blogging, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.  This is in addition to the 125 practices Coast Dental owns.  

    What’s most refreshing about her approach is she doesn’t look at the channel first.  She focuses on content and the patient relationship.  From there she fine tunes her content, frequency and delivery to the channels.  Making sure to never blast the same thing to every channel.

    As a self-taught expert in her own right, a trip to BlogWorld would take her art to the next level.  And I can promise you everyone there will have met Beth Gaddis by the time the conference is over.  She cares that much about what she’s doing.

  • Hey Jason, Firstly – thanks for creating the competition. I’d like to nominate Todd Skaggs of

    Though Todd has a full-time 9-5, he still finds the time to pursue his passion of helping aspiring and motivated officials learn more in the niche field of refereeing by leveraging social media. He’s in his 9th season of football officiating in Louisville, KY – for both the Kentucky High School and West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Association (Divsion II), as a field judge. If you don’t already know, officiating takes up a lot of time and pays nickels in return. 

    While improving his industry expertise by practicing what he preaches – he also created and maintains a regular blog (website above), has taken the time to interview and network with over 50 NFL referees and NCAA commissioners, has co-authored a referee book, and provides a regular podcast on iTunes (Referee Nation Podcast). Most all his material is free of charge to his community. 

    I think Todd would be an ideal candidate to better learn how to scale his brand and eventually pursue what he’s most passionate about through the use of social media. He currently deploys numerous social media marketing tactics and we’ve spoke about attending BlogWorld each year, but never had the opportunity. My company recently approved this, as I’m a social media marketer but it would be an excellent opportunity if Todd could also attend. He’s a go-getter and will certainly make the most efficient use of this trip. 

    Thanks for your consideration, Jason!

    Lewis Bertolucci

  • Jason,

    Neat idea. saw it on Twitter and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to nominate Lauren Richards of Mongoose Metrics She is my bright and cheery marketing associate – eager to learn more about being a great content marketer. Since she is one of the key bloggers for our company now I believe attending BlogWorld would be a huge help to her! 

    P.S. Enjoyed hearing you speak at Content Marketing World last month!


    Pam Achladis

  • Great concept for a giveaway!  Even better idea to grow the audience and attendees, one of the best I’ve seen since this began.  :)

    That said, I’d like to nominate a client from is a husband wife team including William McKenna and Christine McKenna.

    They run a WordPress powered site that covers all of the marinas in North America plus the Caribbean.  While it has a marina directory, a growing blog and everything, the main thing they do as a business is provide boaters with updated gas price information.  This has both a commercial and a consumer benefit.  Fishers, shrimpers, etc can keep their costs down, which helps consumers.  Other boaters can save a significant amount of money as well, because fuel on the water tends to be a lot more expensive than it is just off the interstate.

    Anyway, they have been doing a bang up job, learning how to do better with their blog, with their site, and like myself a long time fan of ScribeSEO (which helped get them out of the wrong type of SEO game and move into writing the right stuff for the right audience). 

    These days Christine, is more in charge of the blog and social side of the business, so I guess this nomination is for her, but I’m hoping that if she wins, Bill (William) will come to and from a growing the community perspective this will be a two for.


    Christine McKenna
    Co-Founder & Executive Vice PresidentMarineFuel.comStuart, FL


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