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The 10 Things You’ll See At Explore Nashville
The 10 Things You’ll See At Explore Nashville

Explore Nashville is this Friday at the Embassy Suites Nashville Airport. We’ve still got a few seats left, so register now (and use the code ILOVESME to get $150 off the ticket price!). This promises to be one of the best digital marketing events this year thanks to an incredible lineup of speakers. We’re excited to bring some “push the thinking” talks to you to help elevate what you’re doing in your digital marketing.

The day really is well worth the ticket price. Amber Naslund, Mark Schaefer, Tom Webster, Scott Gulbransen, Nichole Kelly, Tim Hayden, Sam Ford, Zena Weist … and that’s just part of the lineup. We’ve got breakfast, lunch and a cocktail hour planned, as well as a brand case study panel and lots of great networking.

But instead of going on and on, I thought I’d spell out 10 things you’ll probably only see at Explore Nashville so you had a little extra incentive to come. Buckle up:

1. Ike Pigott singing.

Ike has handled social media for both the American Red Cross in Alabama and for Alabama Power. A non-profit and a utility company. So his talk is entitled, “How to make the unsexy, sexy.” And he’s dropped a few hints that some dramatic vocals may be involved.

2. A unique look inside making a buttoned up company cool.

My “Fireside Chat” will be with Scott Gulbransen of H&R Block, incredibly available just three days before the tax deadline, and will focus a lot on how he’s led an effort to put some personality in the tax company. Its support of the American Mustache Institute and the Million Stache March for April Fool’s Day was probably the first time a tax company ever made people laugh.

3. Yummy free bourbon

A lot of you know I got my start in the social media world working with a big bourbon maker. Well, my old client contact there is now leading the charges for Angel’s Envy Bourbon, a premium spirit finished in port barrels. So they’re going to be doing a tasting at our cocktail party.

4. Digital Marketing Mud Wrestling

Okay, not literally, but we’ve got some folks in the room who don’t necessarily agree on everything, including Sam Ford and Mark Schaefer who have some opposing view points on influence and Klout. I’ve threatened to cancel a talk or two just to let them arm wrestle over it all in front of everyone.

5. Tom Webster’s pithy nuances

Every time I’ve seen Tom Webster speak, he’s cracked me up while making me infinitely smarter. The dude is just funny in a very unexpected way.

6. A sorta trade show with vendors that matter

Our sponsors at Explore Nashville are awesome and, as usual, we’ve screened them to ensure they know their main purpose there is to help you, not just sell you something. And we’ve got quite a few competitors in the room, too, which means for a company shopping for some software to help your social media efforts — particularly those looking for social media management solutions — we’ve got the options you’d see at a trade show without the constant sales pitches.

Our sponsors include Expion, Raven Internet Marketing Tools, Netbase, 44Doors, Edison Research, Spredfast, Vitrue, Visible Technologies, Argyle Social, Que Publishing, uberVu, RedEApp, Angel’s Envy Bourbon and MarketingProfs.

7. Free Books

I’m not quite sure on the number, but Que Publishing, my publisher, is bringing a wad of copies of No Bullshit Social Media to give away to attendees! COOL!

8. Amazon Kindle Fire Giveaways

Since we’re talking books, attendees at Explore Nashville will get two chances to win an Amazon Kindle Fire! First, if someone registers and lists you as the person who referred them to the event, your name is entered. If you refer 10 people, you get 10 entries! The other Fire will be given away to a drawing from all attendees who snap each QR code on the sponsor signs around the exhibition space. Stop by and chat with the sponsors, snap all the QR codes and you’re entered to win that one, too.

9. Eric Bogg’s Argyle Pants.

He always wears them. If he doesn’t this time, we’ll hold him down and draw some on whatever pants he does wear.

10. I’m gonna call some brands out

My talk is entitled “Brand Vacuum.” And I’ll give you a hint: It’s about brands sucking. Don’t miss this.

Seriously, though. Register for Explore Nashville. We’ve got a great speaker lineup, awesome sponsors to meet and get to know, we’re bringing together some folks in Nashville you don’t know to network with and we’ll end it all with a couple of drinks and some fun time together.

What are you waiting for? Register now!

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