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Is Buying YouTube Views Worth it?
Is Buying YouTube Views Worth it?

Buying YouTube views is becoming more and more common nowadays. The reason for this is that it can help the growth of a YouTube channel in several ways. There is the risk of getting scammed if you buy from an unknown site, so it would only be worth it to buy youtube views if bought from a credible source.

Get a Head start

To have a growing YouTube channel, the idea of the channel should be unique. For example, people can watch other Minecraft tutorials on YouTube. So why should they watch yours? They will want to watch if the video has to offer something unique and different. 

This is where the idea to buy views came to be. Buying views helps to grow your channel to a point so that people can notice the quality content and ask for more.

Increase Overall Stats of the Channel

With the increase in the views of your videos, there are three things that you can expect to happen:

Increase in Views

Your video’s ranking will increase because of the increase in view count and watch time. 

The YouTube algorithm will put your videos higher above others that have a topic similar to your video if yours begin to get more popular. YouTube wants content to become popular and get as many views as possible, so they will show videos that are shown to be more popular with audiances. So considering the previous example, your Minecraft tutorial would appear higher in the list when someone’s searches for Minecraft tutorials.

Not to mention that if the content is awesome, then the viewers are more likely to subscribe to your channel. This increases views to more of your videos, which leads to higher rankings. Viewers will share videos with friends and family as well and that can increase your views and rankings dramatically.

Increase in Subscribers

There would also be an increase in the subscribers of the channel. Because the more people watch your videos, the more would be the chances of gaining subs.

Increase in Likes

Just like the increase in subscribers, the gaining of likes is also inevitable when views are bought. That would again add to the better ranking of your video. 

Earning AdSense Revenue

A brand new YouTuber looking to make money on YouTube needs to know that to start earning money from YouTube in order to place ads on your channel, you need to complete the milestone of 4000 watching hours and 1000 subscribers.

So, buying views would help in completing both the milestones because the increase in views and increase in watching hours are directly related.

And even if you already have your monetization turned on, you can earn some extra money with the help of the extra views.

The end result is you will earn more total money from the ad revenue than the money you spent to buy views. This is the main factor in making a decision to invest in the business.

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