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Backtype Tracks Comments, Adds WordPress Plugin
Backtype Tracks Comments, Adds WordPress Plugin

The fellas from Backtype and I sat down for a chat recently about their tool, its uses and their new WordPress plugin. Chris Golda and Michael Montano are smart guys who have developed a very useful platform for bloggers and those who want to stay connected to a particular blogger regardless of where they are commenting. We caught up at the Inbound Marketing Summit in San Francisco for an episode of SME-TV.

As you read last week, Kat French reviewed and compared Disqus, the commenting system we use at SME, and Backtype’s new WordPress plugin. Both do slightly different things for one’s blog. Disqus is a more holistic comment system replacement while Backtype’s plugin is more able to add context to a particular blog post. Unfortunately, they don’t work together. Disqus’s system overtakes the WP comments functionality which needs to be accessed by Backtype’s plugin.

All of that is a longwinded explanation of why I don’t have Backtype’s plugin installed on Social Media Explorer. You can go here to check it out on Backtype’s blog.

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