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Lijit Offers Your Site Trusted Search Component
Lijit Offers Your Site Trusted Search Component

LijitImage from WikipediaThere’s a Lijit search widget over on the right side of my blog. A friend asked me last week what it did and why I had it. Frankly, because I really like the neat little avatar display of all my social networking sites where I can be found. You can click on them and find me immediately.

Lijit’s wheelhouse, however, is what I’ll call trusted search. By entering a keyword in the search box, you are searching content from Social Media Explorer, but then also content from my social networks, sites in my blogroll, that I link to and so on. Essentially, if you trust me for your social media information, you can search for items on the Lijit widget over there and get data from places I trust, too.

Tara Anderson from Lijit was trying to maim me with stickers at South by Southwest last month, so I turned on the camera and we talked about Lijit. And she hints around about a soon-to-be partnership with “a big blog network” that, to my knowledge, has yet to be announced still.

Tara’s pretty persistent, too. After first reaching out to me last fall and getting a promise to check Lijit out, she emailed me back a few weeks later and called me on not following through. The widget has been on my sidebar since. And I think I came home from Austin with 40 Lijit stickers. Let me know if you want one.

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  • Hey Tara,

    Had a blast at BS08 as well and was tickled you were there. I love my bear hugs, too … maybe I should do them with Lijit stickers reversed on me so the victims become billboards for you!

  • Jason, it was wonderful having the chance to hang out with you more this past weekend. I really appreciate your support, your love of Bourbon and your bear hugs. Thanks for this video and let me know if you run out of stickers!

  • Micah … Likewise. Keep up the good work man. You guys rock.

    Thanks Mobi. And I’ll be sure to let Tara know she has a fan!

  • OOOOO! Can I get one? Oh wait, I work with Tara, nevermind!

    Jason, it was great meeting you at SXSW, and I look forward to connecting again soon…


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