ListenLogic Offers Market Research, Social Media Monitoring Hybrid
ListenLogic Offers Market Research, Monitoring Hybrid
ListenLogic Offers Market Research, Monitoring Hybrid

I’ve had a series of conversations with a market research and social media monitoring solution called ListenLogic recently. Before I could get around to writing a lengthy post about what they offer, I ran into Vincent Schiavone, ListenLogic’s founder, at Social Media Plus in Philadelphia. So we sat down for a chat for SME-TV.

ListenLogic is essentially a market research tool that has both a social media monitoring function with a rich layer of human analysis that makes the data it presents to marketers better than many other tools. While it is not a self-serve tool, that’s not a bad thing. Their analysts set up your search for you, eliminating a major pain point of many of the social media monitoring tools. You get better data from the start because experts set up your searches. They also set up your searches custom to your industry and business needs while other tools take the same search algorithm and apply it to your keywords. Again, better data … better results. Then they have a monthly analysis complied by humans that gives you information from the data you may not have looked for.

While you can still see your information in a dashboard and respond, assign, etc., like a monitoring tool, the human filtering and factoring from market research analysts gives you better information for your investment.

Perhaps the best part is the analysts are in the data daily, making sure breaking information doesn’t slip through the cracks, and turning around insights you need in next-day fashion. One example they showed me was a next-day report for a casual dining restaurant on one of their competitor’s new ad campaigns. The insights were that customers responded to the campaign negatively, preventing the client from having to factor spend against the competition’s new claims.

Here’s more with Vince:

Listen Logic Provides Social Media Monitoring and Market Research from Jason Falls on Vimeo.

As you can tell from the pricing Vince mentioned, ListenLogic isn’t a solution for small- or many medium-sized businesses. But if you are looking for a market research solution that can also provide good social media monitoring functionality as well, they’re certainly worth the time to investigate.

For more information on ListenLogic’s approach, read their solution page here. More case studies and uses for them can be found on the ListenLogic blog.

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