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3 Free Ways to Market A New Restaurant
3 Free Ways to Market A New Restaurant
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Whether you’re a “seasoned” chef, mother of 5, or dad trying to figure out how everything works, there’s always something more you can be doing to help you in the kitchen. Whether you’re looking for tastier food, or a more efficient cooking process, we hope that we will give you a couple tips and tricks that you can use, in order to benefit your experience. These tips we have to offer will range from everything involving efficiency in preparing large meals for gatherings, to small ways you can make your grilled cheese a little tastier. While there are a lot of different sources out there that will provide you with insight as to how you can improve your kitchen experience, we will base our article today off of only 3 of them that we have found.

Word Of Mouth

Reviews are one of the most overlooked ways of marketing there is. For some reason, no one wants to believe that something so simple can have such drastic results. Doing your job before you even open, learning new recipes, learning cooking hacks that improves your clients experience, all of these are factors to how much publicity you get from your clients. Find hacks from experienced chefs and cooks that have found an easier way to do mundane or routine kitchen tasks. They also provide easier ways to spice up the cooking process and make your everyday meals just a little more interesting. If you find cooking boring, they’ll give you ways to add onto your favorite meals, and if you find cooking difficult they’ll provide you with ways to simplify and condense, but still come out with the same product.

Invite Newspapers, Blog owners, Magazine Writers

Inviting the press to a grand opening, or giving them a tour of your restaurant can be one of the best ways to get publicity to your restaurant, especially local traffic. One of the other best ways to improve your kitchen experience is to keep it tidy and organized. Showing the press that you run a clean kitchen is a much easier way to build trust with your local demographic than to try to get them in and show them over time. We want our kitchen to look as good as those of professional cooks. When we keep our kitchen organized as professional cooks, we’ll cut down on prep time, because everything that we need will be right where we want it, which improves customer experience.

Nytimes wrote an article with the kitchen-ware entrepreneur Ellen Bennet in which she discusses the proper organization and usage of kitchen ware and shows how the proper storage and organization of kitchen appliances help a new restaurant run a kitchen as professional cooks. She also talks about the importance of separating different spices and what we should and should not leave on the counter. The cutting board, she mentions, is one of the only things she will leave on the counter top at all times. She also talks about the importance of labeling and sorting everything from spices, to dairy, produce, and meats.

When everything is sorted, kept, and maintained in the proper way, it will be much easier to find your ingredients, keep everything fresh, and know that your kitchen-ware is in a state that you won’t have to worry about dull knives or unmaintained supplies. The best part is, once everything’s put in its proper place, everything will be where you need it for the rest of your cooking days. Making sure you season your food correctly makes it so you don’t have to worry that they will come back. Give them every opportunity to rave and talk about your menu nonstop.

Offer Coupons

Putting coupons in the local paper, or going to parking lots and putting fliers under wiper blades can be a great way to get consumers in the front door. The hardest part of opening a restaurant is finding clients to come and try your food. Do everything you can, from a radio ad, to knocking door to door to find new clients, it is your job to bring business to your tables. There are other ways of getting this done, such as hiring a marketing agency, but chances are, if you are opening a new restaurant, you don’t have the capital to invest in expensive marketing companies. Do some looking, use these tips, and you can put together a pretty good strategy for getting return clients for years to come. 

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