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How to Offer Things on Social Media Effectively
How to Offer Things on Social Media Effectively

In the 21st century, social media has become a powerful tool for marketing. It dramatically changed what we thought we knew about popularizing a product. 

Right now, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms have become forefronts of demonstrating products to clients. However, they have strict regulations about offering things for free or advertising things like “make more money”. It is important for people to come up with things like “learn more” and etc. to implement their services successfully. In this article, we will talk about how to avoid these mistakes and how to properly organize a marketing campaign for your service

1. Simplify the order procedure as much as possible

If you are an online store, make sure that your product can be purchased as simple as possible – without going to the site, registrations and a bunch of other unnecessary procedures. Very often they are the reason for the refusal of the purchase. Buying immediately under the post, or in private messages is a simple and understandable way for the client, which increases the chances that the goods will be purchased.

2. Constantly update the range, provide the user with a large selection

Why do women (who most often buy online) love shopping so much? Because they like to go shopping for hours, choose and realize that one of these things will sooner or later become their property. The same is in social networks – give customers a choice. Allow them to wander around the albums, see, analyze and buy. In addition, a large assortment leads to meeting the needs of more customers.

Also, monitor the relevance of the goods. Often, the reason for refusing purchases is a long waiting time for the product or its absence at all (even though it is in the album/website).

3. Offer things for free

Offering things for free is another important thing every company should consider. But you should be careful – risky services require thorough planning. We can basically talk about the largest financial market in the world, Forex. When you offer trading Forex for free to the customers, it is essential to devise a plan which will encourage your client to try your service. Essentially, if the offer is incorrect most likely, any social media will ban it. 

4. Follow trends and beat them

It’s no secret to anyone that it is on trends that you can earn quickly and a lot. Keep track of what people are saying on the Internet, what is happening around them, what is interesting to them – and apply this to your product. Trending things are always more popular than the standard range.

5. Constantly update community information

Show your customers that you have a good flow, products are being updated – people like what you sell and what you do. But do not overdo it so that you are not banned in the news feed. What is the main goal of such actions? You constantly flash into the field of view of a potential buyer, and when a user needs your product, guess who he recalls first? 

6. Respond promptly to comments

Prompt response equals a higher probability of making a purchase. While you will answer questions from users for a long time, they can buy products from your competitors.

7. Indicate the actual price of the goods

Why build an extra barrier to buying? Are you afraid to frighten off buyers at a price, do you want them first to have a desire to buy and only then give a price? Be sure – those to whom the price of your product will not be acceptable will leave you after they recognize it from a personal message. So why waste extra time on them?

8. Community Management

Community management is practically the most important component in working with your community. With it, you build trusting relationships with users that can be converted into your customers. What is needed for this? Give public answers to the negative, in no case, do not delete it and, if necessary, publicly acknowledge their mistakes. Also, try to collect feedback from your satisfied customers.

This will increase the loyalty of the audience, which in the future will be able to recommend your store to friends. The main thing is that the reviews are true and real. Fake reviews will work against you.

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