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7 Ways to Optimize Your Ad Copy and Get Better Results
7 Ways to Optimize Your Ad Copy and Get Better Results

Maximizing lead conversion and bringing new clients to the table requires making sure every step of their journey through your marketing is smooth and easy. Your first opportunity to win them over is also your first chance to lose them.  

Engaging your future customers is all about the content experience at every step of the way. And whether you’re writing copy for a Facebook ad or for the opening line of a marketing video, you can’t settle for anything less than the best.   

Be Simple and Succinct

Be concise. Write and then go back and cut anything inefficient or repetitive. “Viewers aren’t going to waste time reading unnecessary fluff,” says Bill Blanton, founder of CINC Systems. “You want them to be able to read fast and get the information they need without getting tripped up or confused by awkward phrasing.” 

Go for the Goal 

Always go straight to the point. You should be writing with a goal in mind. If you aren’t 100 percent clear in your own mind about what you’re saying and where you’re trying to go with it, the reader won’t know either and won’t bother reading further. 

Write Like You Speak

Overly formal writing is stiff, boring and hard to read. Write with a professional but conversational tone and your writing will be more engaging and effective at getting the message across. Read the text out loud after writing and change anything that sounds awkward or unnatural.  

Avoid Cliches Like the Plague

Sometimes writers try too hard to be informal and fill their writing with overused metaphors, similes and expressions. This doesn’t add anything to your writing. Using imagery and figures of speech can help you communicate more effectively, but it has to be appropriate to the context and novel enough to add actual value. 

Mix It Up 

Don’t fall into patterns. If you’re doing something the same way you do it every time, it’s time to change. Always try to use different words, different sentence lengths and different ways of connecting with the audience. Mixing things up in your writing helps keep things interesting and creates a rhythm to move the reader effectively through the content. 

Get Excited 

If you’re not interested in what you’re writing, that will show and the reader won’t be interested either. You need to engage yourself in what you’re saying and show passion. That will pass on to the writing itself and help you keep it active and inviting to your audience.

Invest in Editing

We’re all human. We all make mistakes. What separates poor ad copy from excellent content, however, is taking the time to find and fix those mistakes. Take the time after you write to look over your writing for errors, repeated words and awkward or boring sections. Editing is always best done in partnership with someone else as well. 

It can be hard to find flaws in or cut down your own writing, but going through your content with someone else can help you hone it to perfection. It’s going to require some effort, but that’s what it takes to improve your copy and get results.   

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