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9 ideas to improve your personal brand
9 ideas to improve your personal brand

Personal branding has been getting more and more important in modern digital society. The ability to share anything in social media channels makes it easier for anyone to show off their skills. But it also is getting harder to recognize a professional amongst all the others. So, if you have some special skills you believe to be genuine and unique, you should definitely improve your personal brand. Check out our best ideas on how to do it better!

1. Create a personal blog to share your thoughts

There’s no better way to communicate with a broad audience than blogging. You don’t need to have a list of contacts, social media followers, or anything like it. You just should be creative and produce unique, interesting content . Of course, this doesn’t mean that anybody should write about anything. Make sure you like what you do with your blog and bring your readers value.

Although it is much more important to produce beneficial content, don’t forget about SEO. One-two keywords per page won’t make it worse, and it is not hard at all to use them like this.

2. Write short success articles on Facebook

These seem to be really helpful in increasing personal brand awareness. The more useful and friendly your Facebook short articles are, the more people feel connected with you. Tell your followers an honest truth about how you got where you are. Don’t embellish; make it harsh and painful. People love tough stories with happy endings. And these stories are the best way for you to show off your soft skills.

3. Add more photos to Instagram

Surely, Instagram is not much of a business environment. But you can use this fact for the better. If somebody is really interested in you or your services, they might want to <a href=”https://digitalmarketinginstitute.com/blog/instafamous-how-to-build-a-personal-brand-on-instagram”>learn more about your personal life</a>. Lively Instagram photos can be an extension for Facebook success articles. They make you look ‘real’ with your pros and cons. And if you are a good lad smiling from that Paris trip photo, people may well like it.

4. Make vlogs and add stories

If you have enough time, produce some video content. If you don’t, Facebook or Instagram stories will do. The thing is, there’s no better way to get virtually acquainted with your personality than through videos. Here, you can be the loosest. Don’t try to impress anyone. Just be yourself and there will be more people like you in your life. Which is basically the deepest of personal branding.

5. Empower your LinkedIn profile

While Instagram posts and stories are good for sharing your personality, branding yourself is something a bit wider. Actually, it is a slight line between being yourself and staying professional. Combine your friendliness with classy I-mean-business attitude in LinkedIn. This social network is all about being serious and skillful. Here, you should add every hard skill you have, share all the working experience you’ve ever had. Don’t hesitate to add every position you used to work at. Show how much you’ve grown so far.

6. It’s all about email

Everything we’ve mentioned above is essential, really. But there is still no more powerful marketing channel than email. Whatever messages you send, stick to a certain style, use certain fonts and design; generally, behave like a company, not like a single person. This is the best you can do to make your personal branding effective. And of course, create a professional email signature.

7. Make your email signature perfect

An email signature is arguably the most important part of an email, alongside with a subject line. The ending is important in everything, so make sure every email you send ends nicely. It will contribute to your recipients getting more engaged. And if you do not want to spend your time on creating a beautifully designed footer, get some help from Newoldstamp. It is an online email signature generator that has a perfect plan for personal brands to create, edit, and manage an email signature.

Remember to include these essentials:

  • Your name, position, and company (if you work at one);
  • Personal photo;
  • Your contact details (phone numbers, emails, addresses);
  • Social media buttons to quickly access your profiles;
  • CTA buttons to arrange meetings with you or make calls; or promo banners linked to your blog, website, or anything else you want.

So, create a signature for mail as it will show your professionalism. Also, people are much more likely to remember you if you do.

8. Follow successful people and influencers in your field

Get yourself associated with success. Add influencers’ quotes to your posts, mention their advice in a blog, and learn from them. Build a friendly community with yourself and all the other people from your field. This way, you will both get more followers and look more professional.

9. Be confident!

People tend to believe those who talk confidently and are generally active. Don’t worry about others’ thoughts. Do what you think is best for your personal brand, and success is guaranteed. There are no examples where healthy confidence led to something bad.

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