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A Review of Several Instagram Growth Services
A Review of Several Instagram Growth Services

Instagram has become a dominant platform for marketing strategies for businesses and brands.

Everyone wants more followers – but as a business or brand, you should always be looking for more efficient and functional ways to boost your engagement levels on Instagram.

This list includes the major players in Instagram growth services.


Kicksta is an Instagram growth service that uses AI technology to get you more real followers on Instagram organically.
  • Targeting by locations, usernames, & hashtags
  • AI suggested targets based on your niche
  • Up to 1,500 auto-likes per day
  • 100% Organic Instagram growth
  • Bank level security and U.S. based
  • Dedicated Account Manager & white label services for agencies
  • Detailed analytics dashboard for growth & target performance
  • Customizable filters & audience preferences
  • Multi-tiered pricing and bulk discounts
Kicksta has worked with over 10,000 brands, agencies and influencers to help them not only grow their following with real users, but also increase their likes, comments, and sales organically.
No bots or fake accounts – Kicksta is dedicated to expanding your reach to only high-quality, active users that will have a genuine interest in your brand.


SocialCaptain is an Instagram growth service that promotes real followers, real growth, and thus; real engagement on Instagram. This service is popular and well-respected by digital marketers.


  • Managed and operated by experts
  • Targeting by locations, usernames, and hashtags
  • Compliant to Instagram’s ToS – low-risk, high-quality service.
  • Viral results (dependent on your account of course)
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Auto liking & Auto following

SocialCaptain is clear and concise with its services and intentions and avoids making promises they cannot keep. SocialCaptain offers very high-quality services that offer targeted demographics, real followers, and a fully managed service. Professional adds double exposure and priority support to the plan.

Remember that you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for a low price with growth service – and you get what you pay for with this organic Instagram growth service.


Go Growthly is a new and one of a kind Instagram growth service that utilizes celebrity giveaways to their client’s profits and gain them real followers, real growth, and thus; real engagement on Instagram. This service is rather new, and they are offering the best pricing to try and capture the market.


  • Trial pricing starting at $2.97
  • Utilize celebrity giveaways to grow your following
  • Compliant to Instagram’s ToS – low-risk, high-quality service.
  • Stable growth
  • US Based customer support
  • Real users

Go Growthly has been gaining traction as of lately by its pricing model to capture new users. This service is best for those looking to try the service at a very low cost without having to shell out a significant amount of money.


FameMass is an organic Instagram growth service that offers an efficient way to boost your exposure. Their objective is to help you gain real people who are active and who want your products or services.


    • Dedicated account manager who does the work for you
    • 100% secure and safe to use because they follow Instagram’s rule
    • 24/7 growth
    • Easy to setup and use
    • Great results
    • Growth reports on request
    • Targeting via location, hashtags, and usernames
  • Features an auto follower & auto liker

According to Arman Sadeghi, “Again, you get what you pay for. FameMass’ prices aren’t cheap, but they are still affordable for most. They promote real, targeted followers and quality engagement.”


Boostlikes is an Instagram growth service dedicated to helping you grow your Instagram exposure with real followers and engagement.


    • Easy sign up process
    • Target, real followers
    • Weekly analytic reports
    • Affordable prices
    • Powerful service
    • Organic growth
    • 7-day management.
  • Secure and safe

Because Risesocial stays within Instagram’s ToS, your account is safe. You can enjoy real, targeted followers that result in natural and organic growth.


Instapple is an Instagram growth tool used by many businesses and brands for outsourcing Instagram growth and engagement. Instapple delivers likes and video views to increase your exposure and put you on the Instagram explore page – which results in organic and natural growth.


    • Auto likes and followers
    • New upload detection plus interactions
    • Video views get equal likes
    • Natural flow in engagement
    • Dedicated team support and service
  • Automatic followers and likes

Instapple is considered a respected and well-liked outsourcing option for Instagram growth and engagement.


Managed.Social is touted by some marketers as the very best organic growth service for Instagram with limited client space. Because of this, they often have a long waiting list. They promote a process that is simple and concise as they perform tasks on your behalf.


    • Growth specialist
    • Managed by real social media marketing pro’s
    • Superb customer service and support
  • Automatic real followers from active Instagram accounts

Managed Social is a top growth tool for to get you more organic followers. Give them a try.


Social10x supplies across a range of social media platforms, but we will focus on its Instagram offerings.You can buy Instagram Followers, Instagram Likes, or Instagram Comments.


    • Excellent support
    • Social marketing solutions
    • Guaranteed results
  • Access to their network of partners

The user reviews of this service show it to be a low-risk solution for buying followers and likes for your account; if you want to take that route.

Final Thoughts

Of course, you can go ahead and outright purchase followers or use an Instagram bot – but both of those have pro’s & cons.

Instead, it’s better to use a tool that grows your account steadily and keeps you from breaking Instagram’s Terms of Service.

If you are seeking effective and efficient methods of outsourcing your profile’s growth and engagement on Instagram, this list of Instagram growth services& tools will be a helpful resource for you.

These growth services all come highly recommended. Give one or two a try and see for yourself.

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