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What It Is Going To Take To Run A Successful Link Building And Social Media Campaign
What It Is Going To Take To Run A Successful Link Building And Social Media Campaign

Link building is the lifeblood of digital marketing as search engine rankings are impacted by every link that is built. The coveted position of being ranked on the first page of Google can result in huge influxes of traffic, leads, and these converting into sales. Social media promotion is a large part of expanding the reach of certain articles that incorporate company or blog links. The engagement of those on social media to a specific article or content piece can also impact SEO. The following are things that are needed in order to run a successful link building and social media campaign.

Accurate Keyword Analysis

Targeting the wrong keywords can lead to massive losses as far as profits go and a low ROI for the marketing department. With this being said at times it is not wise to only target the most competitive of terms. For example a small company with large competitors might want to target keywords that have less backlinks associated with them. This can be a good start while the company slowly moves up the rankings for keywords that have thousands of backlinks when it comes to their competitors. With all of the tools available to assist with this, an accurate keyword analysis should be quite basic for the experience digital marketing professional.

An Outreach Team With Good Negotiation Skills

Outreach does not always mean email outreach as social media outreach can be extremely effective as well. There is a chance that a company is looking for an influencer to partner with for an upcoming campaign. Engaging with this influencer before asking them to be a part of the campaign not only is the best way to outreach to an influencer but it can also lead to the asking price plummeting. Link building done through guest posting is going to take a bit more tact as most companies are not going to want to purchase guest posts due to Google’s harsh warning on the practice. Offering things like free content for a few articles in exchange for a link to be included can be done but these would be less than ethical in the mind of some marketers. Influencers that are popular or create great content are often linked back to at a high rate so keep this in mind when putting together the marketing campaign.

Content Creators With Various Expertise At Marketing Agencies

Aaron Gray from the NO BS Agency notes that “Individuals such as content creators with a vast amount of knowledge in various areas can be invaluable as they can create content for any campaign with their expertise.” Readers know when a writer is inexperienced on a specific subject and oftentimes do not want to waste their time reading something written by someone with a Wikipedia degree on the subject. Being able to take on various campaigns allows for agencies to take on more clients and develop more relationships. These relationships can be leveraged for multiple clients making work on future campaigns much easier as well. Running a digital marketing campaign for a personal injury attorney is going to be far easier if it has been done by the agency before as they have established connections already.

A Good Editorial Calendar

A good editorial calendar on the company blog can lead to those in the industry linking back to a piece of content whether it is a podcast, video, or article. Aligning these posts with the social media team is imperative to maximize their reach and possibly generate more backlinks. Mistakes like publishing the most engaging post on a Friday afternoon can drastically change the amount of traffic that the post receives. People tend to consume content during the workday during breaks or simply while browsing on their phone. Finding out when the most traffic visits the company blog is important so that the highest quality articles can showcase knowledge of the company to all readers.

Social media, content marketing, and link building are all interconnected so running these campaigns individually will not yield the best results. If you have a small business with little idea of how to market digitally there are plenty of reputable agencies that can help with nearly every business niche!

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