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Clever Ways To Use Hashtags To Grow Your Business
Clever Ways To Use Hashtags To Grow Your Business

Many businesses don’t realize the value of using hashtags in their social media strategies. Most of them do it because it’s the trend, and therefore, do not give much thought to what they put in their posts.

Hashtags are popular for a reason: they work. And as an entrepreneur, you should find a way to use them to your benefit. Read on for four smart ways to get the most out of hashtag marketing.

  • Go Unique

Twitter and Instagram posts are riddled with hashtags. Standing out and evoking recognition may call for the use of unique hashtags rather than recycling what’s already making the rounds. Find a phrase that is relevant to your product or a move you are planning to make and use it until it becomes an emblem for your brand, product, or plans.

  • Use trending hashtags

If you want to be a success on social media, you have to play by its rules. One such rule is staying up to speed with the trends. The most successful brands follow trending hashtags and incorporate the relevant ones into their social media content. Your business should try it too.

Most social networking platforms, particularly Twitter, have made it extremely easy to know the hashtags that are trending. You can make a habit of going through their list each day and picking out what your brand can use.

  • Trademark your popular hashtags

You may not know it, but you can trademark a hashtag. Many brands and organizations, including Coca-Cola and FIFA, have used this technique, which has worked well for them.

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Hashtag trademarking would be useful to you if you have a term or phrase that you want to be associated only with your product or brand. It can help you protect the integrity of your name and make strides with a hashtag you know can’t be pilfered or used out of style.

  • Make it a call-to-action

One of the most popular ways of generating hashtags for social media marketing is constructing them in such a way that they ask the reader to take action. You’ve seen Coca-Cola’s “#ShareACoke.” It can be said the hashtag went viral because of the size of the company and the amount of money they pumped into it, but the phrasing played a role too.

“#ShareACoke” is a complete and independent phrase that would make sense to anyone who sees it. With a similar hashtag, your message will be easy to digest, and customers will be curious to see what others are doing with the hashtag. Some will want to know if there are some challenges related to the hashtag that they can hop onto.


There is no formula for using hashtags on social media. There are many ways to exploit the marketing technique depending on your type of business, the target audience, and the campaign you are trying to put out.

The above tips can help you create a hashtag marketing strategy that will grab your target audience’s attention. Whether you’re looking to evoke loyalty from existing customers or explore new markets, these tips provide you with an excellent place to start.

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