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How to Create Beautiful Social Media Images with Fotor
How to Create Beautiful Social Media Images with Fotor

Photo editing is used not only to enhance photos but also for professional reasons. For example, it allows you to change the background of a product photo and put a solid experience (white, orange, black, etc.) to make it more professional. Photoshop, the ultimate photo editing software, is not often practical and accessible to everyone from a technical but also a financial point of view. However, there are solutions online that can do the trick.

Fotor is one of its solutions. It is an online photo editor with a wide range of tools to enhance your images for both personal and professional use. Fotor also offers interesting tools for designers. You can create beautiful images for social media by using a fotor online editor. 

Fotor Editing method

It’s easy to edit photos online with Fotor. Just go to the site and click on the Edit Photo button. Then click Add Image to upload an image from your PC or the cloud. The disadvantage of Fotor is that the tool does not work on raw files but only on jpg or png files. Suddenly, we find ourselves a little more limited in terms of possibilities, each editing being likely to degrade the quality of our photos. You can also use PxBee for stock-free images.

Once the image is loaded, you can gradually modify your image with the menus on the left: Crop, Rotate, Basic retouch, Levels, Colors, etc. Once the correction is complete, all that remains is to save the result. Attention, for this education, Fotor will ask you to have an account. But you can create an account for free; it’s quick and easy.

The free version of Fotor is not limited to retouching photos. It also allows you to apply filters, frames, visual art effects, and photo collage, etc. This happens via the different categories that are found completely to the left of the interface. Here are some examples. You will notice in passing that the elements with a diamond are the elements available only on the Pro version.

Do more with the Pro version!

Like any business, Fotor needs an economic model. The company, therefore, offers a paid version of its online photo editing application. Called Fotor Pro, this version provides access to other functionalities: advanced retouching functionalities, logo, card, and other designs, as well as access to the Fotor Cloud to store your images. If you want professional photo editing for your social media, you can go for the pro version.

Also, cloud space is available to you if you want to store your images. In conclusion, Fotor is very intuitive and easy to use the tool. The basic version gives you access to some useful features to do interesting things. To have more, you will need to subscribe. 

You can use Fotor on your computer or Smartphone. I hope you like this article if you like this article and then share it with those friends who are looking for the best online photo editor for social media.

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