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Comparium : Automated Website Testing Tool
Comparium : Automated Website Testing Tool
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Today, people visit different websites for various purposes as the globe has gone digital and the world has become a global village. These websites attract customers from all over the world to sell their products and services by creating attractive websites. The main issue faced by these companies is that nowadays, there are many browsers and platforms which the visitors use according to their liking. Hence, the websites should be made in a manner which works appropriately on all such browsers and platforms without any error. Checking one’s website whether it is working appropriately on all the platforms and browsers has become a huge task for companies and hence sometimes, they lose up on potential customers if the website gets stuck on a certain platform.

Also, the visitors need the fast performance of any company due to advancement. If they see that the website does not work properly once, they might not use it in future. Hence to perform well, companies have to be prepared at their end to give the best version of themselves as the first impression is the last impression.

The website should be tested before launching in the real world. Once liked by customers, they become permanent.  How can companies show their best performance on the first go by the best performance of their website? There are many tools available online to check the running of a particular website on a particular platform. But, today we shall recommend the best performing tool, helps the companies to give their best shot on impressing visitors on their website.

What is Comparium?

Comparium is an automated testing tool to be used to check the performance of a website before launch. Recently, due to its best performance, it has won the hearts of a lot of customers by its salient features. Comparium is helping the working of websites without errors on various browsers and platforms by a single test. Comparium is a tool which not only saves times but also offered free of cost to the public to examine the quality and the standards of one’s website. Once the test is performed, there is no need to test for each combination manually. 

How to use the Comparium tool?

Comparium takes which is the easiest to learn even by a layman because one just needs to simply submit the web page test address and check the results. The service shall hence provide a screenshot of errors on one’s web page design. 

Business can simply create their login id by which the email address shall be noted by Comparium. Once the login is created, the URL of one’s website needs to be entered and after the selection of an operating system, one can confirm the browser and simply click on “test”. The tool will run without interruption and share the screenshot of errors on the respective email id. By this, the companies can have an exact idea where their website is lacking and easily fix the problem. Moreover, it only takes a couple of minutes for Comparium to check the efficiency of a website and hence saves time. 

Features of Comparium Tool

  • Supports Multiple Web Browsers and versions

Comparium tool is one such tool which gets updated timely to remove bugs and add more advancement for users using various web browsers and platforms. As some favour Safari, some Chrome, some Firefox, etc. hence Comparium is made in such a way that it is functional and compatible with all the different browsers and version. Currently, it efficient works on google chrome 74.0, 75.0 and 73.0, Internet Explorer 11 and 8.0, Firefox 67.0 and 68.0, safari 11.0 versions. As these browsers keep upgrading themselves, Comparium upgrades itself to be compatible with the latest advancement.

  • Support for multi-browser from different platforms

Comparium is a multi-browser/cross-browser testing tool which allows flawless testing from multiple platforms. Comparium lets users check their website’s operating functionality on various platforms such as mac OS, Linux, Windows 10 and seven, High Sierra, and many more.

  • Offline Reports through Email

The reports reflecting error are sent to users email id with the screenshot of the exact location. The users hence can fix the issue by knowing exactly where the error lies. Also, the reports are generated promptly and hence valuable time is saved.

This tool can be used as an alternative to Browserstack. Browserstack is a tool for testing the visual part of the resource. You don’t need to configure any settings or install any program to start the testing. It is very convenient to use and can test on real platforms.

Benefits of using Comparium Tool

  • Time-saving application

The results are produced by the Comparium website within minutes on all the working platforms and browsers. This saves time of businesses to check the performance on every platform and help them to concentrate on their core businesses. 

  • Works on offline mode 

The Comparium tool does not need an internet connection while running the test check. It works efficiently on offline mode and hence, if there is a power cut in the between of running the test, it need not be carried on again. Comparium tool gives the flexibility to give results anywhere anytime.

  • Reliable 

Comparium is a reliable tool having millions of satisfied customers waiting patiently for its next version to release.

Versions of Comparium Tool

Version 1.0

  • Supports following Operating System
  • Windows: 71,75/ Firefox 61,68/ Opera 57,58,IE10 11
  • Mac os: chrome 71,77/ Firefox 61,68, Opera 57, 58, Safari 12.0
  • Linux: Chrome 71,75 / Firefox 61,68, Opera 60,62

Version 1.5

Along with the above, Comparium is supported for different browser and it can rework on the screenshot in one single click.

Version 2

  • Supports following upgraded Operating System features
  • Users can test the website on mobile devices
  •  Mark-up option available with caption screenshots.
  • Sharing of screenshots
  • Bulk testing of multiple URLs
  • Supports apple retina screenshots
  • The personal user ID can be created for future use 

Version 3

  • Supports following upgraded Operating System
  • Test results are downloaded
  • Works smoothly in low-speed connections
  • Saved history of screenshots for future use
  • Real-time testing on desktop

To conclude, we strongly recommend implementing the use of Comparium before launching of your website for better results for a smooth experience for your customers 

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