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Implementing eSignatures in Your Work
Implementing eSignatures in Your Work

The modern business environment requires constant adaptation to an ever-changing market, along with proper responses to challenges and innovative approaches to daily operations. In such a cycle, there is no place for ineffective and time-consuming paperwork. Wasting your organization’s resources on administrative work like manual paper processing, printing out documents and signing them by hand, and other boring procedures are absolutely unacceptable. A company that is aimed at innovating and succeeding should sign every document with an electronic signature!

What Are Electronic Signatures? 

Commonly, an electronic signature (or just eSignature) refers to an autograph that a person makes using a dedicated piece of hardware and software. As you will shortly see, eSignatures can be written using almost any device, be it a desktop or smartphone/tablet. In this case, the aspect that truly matters is software. A program through which you are signing the document defines your experience on every stage of paper processing, from the document’s establishment to sending a fully verified version to your customers (and receiving their feedback, of course). 

Why Use eSignatures to Enhance Your Day-to-Day Operations?

Electronic signatures are very helpful in speeding up the document turnover within an organization. Faster processing of every particular paper allows different departments to cooperate more efficiently as none of them would need to waste time on routine paperwork. Therefore, employees receive more spare time to concentrate on their direct responsibilities. On the other hand, management receives a convenient way to oversee the work of the whole company. 

Choosing a Trustworthy Software Provider 

As mentioned earlier, picking a reliable software provider for your business is essential to the successful implementation of e-signatures. When searching for software to utilize, make sure that not only follow the market tendencies but also continuously improves and introduces new functions to stay ahead of the competition. Fortunately, there is one company that adheres to this business model. 

SingNow – A Company that Can Meet all Your Needs

SingNow is providing eSignature software for enterprises and individuals. The company’s product has been highly rated by, which gave it 4.5 stars out of 5. A comprehensive review is available at What makes SignNow special? Let’s find out!

The main advantages of SignNow’s solution can be summarized into the following list:

  • It can be easily integrated with any app or website;
  • It works on all modern devices, both desktop and mobile ones;
  • It allows the users to create, modify, and customize fillable forms easily;
  • SignNow makes it possible to share your documents with all authorized users, be it your employees or clients;
  • Users can create templates and reuse them in the future;
  • SignNow protects all documents with SSL encryption and has a Disaster Recovery Plan in case of an emergency. 

Electronic signatures from SignNow allow users to create legally-binding, completely customizable, and extremely accurate documents on any electronic device. Through using the company’s software, you can design fillable forms and share them with employees or clients. And, of course, you can sign any document electronically with a pre-established autograph that is saved in the app. 

SignNow’s software allows users to overcome communicational barriers within their organizations. Managers can create teams and distribute documents between them, with a possibility to restrict or allow access to any given paper. 

How Is Magic Created?

SignNow’s solution uses a powerful, custom API to guarantee the stable performance of the app. Mind that you can always check out the API personally via registering on the company’s website. There’s no need to share any personal information or interact with the salespeople; just type in your email and enjoy the Sandbox account, which allows you to test the API and see how it works in great detail. 

Developers would also appreciate a bunch of SDKs for various programming languages that SignNow has gathered on its website. These libraries are constantly updated to match modern tendencies in programming, meaning that you would always find a suitable version for your application or website. SingNow’s product is easily integrated into any software solution. In fact, you can implement the company’s e-signatures in around 10 minutes!

Comparing SignNow’s Solution to Other Propositions on the Market

SignNow recognizes the need to stay ahead of the competition; so, the company has introduced several functions that aren’t currently provided by its competitors. For instance, SignNow’s software allows users to define allowed signature types unlike Adobe’s or DocuSign’s apps. What’s more, SignNow pays the utmost attention to protecting sensitive data of its customers. The company has introduced advanced threat protection, which Adobe’s solution is missing at the moment. SignNow allows customers to reach support via live chat, without the need to leave the app. 

Safety Matters 

Saying that SignNow can be trusted, we really meant it – the company has an “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot. To see what others think of its software, check out

Although SignNow’s solution has many advantages, it is the company’s utmost attention to safety that allowed it to receive such a mark. Here are a few ways through which the company protects its customers’ data:

  • Almost real-time replication. SignNow doesn’t just store all documents in one place; the company constantly transfers data between its servers to ensure that valuable information is available at any given moment; 
  • Long-term cloud storage. Any document that you entrust to SignNow will be allocated on the company’s cloud server for at least 7 years. The company would also gladly keep it for as long as you consider needed; 
  • SignNow fights DDoS attacks and encrypts all transited data; 
  • Finally, the company protects its servers from physical access by third parties by providing 365/24/7 security on sight. 

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