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Dave Shah Offers 4 Ways to Leverage Instagram Ads
Dave Shah Offers 4 Ways to Leverage Instagram Ads

Innovation is the key that can unlock many successful social media marketing campaigns. However, most internet marketers prefer to stick to some of the tried and tested methods because of their average success rates. Dave Shah, the founder and CEO of WveLabs, wants you to think out of the box. He is a guy who never backs away from taking challenges. Dave firmly believes that unless you take risks in your business, you will not see it grow. 

When Dave had started a food-delivery app, he had no idea whether it would work or not. But through strategic social media marketing, he had more than 25,000 users from 10 universities in a couple of months. He suggests that when you have social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you shouldn’t hold back from experimenting with various promotional strategies. 

From a very early age, Richard Branson and Larry Page have instilled in Dave the fearlessness in taking risks. Dave is passing on what he had learned to new entrepreneurs so that they can achieve their dreams as he did. 

With 1 billion active users, Instagram is a golden platform to promote your business. Dave Shah specifies 4 types of ads that can help you reach your target audience on Instagram

1. Sponsored ads

You will need a business profile on Instagram to use sponsored ads. It allows you to force your ads on the news-feed of your target audience. Sponsored ads also come with your company’s website link. The ads play automatically unless the user switches off the auto-play feature from her Instagram profile.

2. Map-guided ads

How would you feel if a car company allowed you to design the car of your dreams on Instagram? You see different customization options that take you from one page to another. In the end, you see not only your customized car but also a map that guides you to the car manufacturer. Dave was highly impressed with this ad on Instagram. He believes that this type of ad keeps the audience engaged, creating an enthusiasm to see the end-product that they had created. 

3. Story ads

Story ads are widely popular on Instagram. You not only share your story but also view the stories of your followers. Story ads are more than just putting up photos and writing a short and captivating description. Dave advises social media marketers to develop an engaging ad content that leaves the viewers wanting for more. You can ask them to swipe up to know more about your brand and the products and services you sell.

4. Video ads

Dave is never afraid of trying something new. He believes that photo ads have become very common on Instagram, and it is high time you test the responses of your audience with video ads. A short teaser or a small ad in your story will keep your followers interested to know about the big launch ahead. For example, you can create a teaser video of your new product but don’t reveal its name. You mention the launch date in the ad and ask your followers to stay tuned for more.

Although Dave is just 21 years old, he has enough experience in software development and online marketing to inspire and educate new entrepreneurs. If you wish to follow his path to success, don’t forget to try these innovative social media marketing hacks for your company.

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