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Facebook’s New Search Ads Are a Boon to Sales Acceleration in 2020
Facebook’s New Search Ads Are a Boon to Sales Acceleration in 2020

Social media is vital to sales acceleration strategies these days. You need to keep up with the latest developments in social media marketing if you want to scale your sales.

Facebook has unveiled a major new feature last year, which is essential to sales acceleration. Brands can reach customers through search ads.

Facebook Search Ads Can Prove Invaluable to Sales Acceleration Strategies

Facebook always has been committed to improving results for its advertisers. Last December, the social networking giant announced a revolutionary new advertising product that would be welcomed by advertisers in many industries. They enabled advertisers to reach customers through search results.

 The search ads were rolled out slowly at first. A select group of advertisers had access to the new feature a couple months after the announcement was made. Facebook gradually opened the option up to more advertisers this summer, before offering it to all advertisers in October. Although advertisers have not shared many details about the value of the new search ads yet, there are a lot of rumors that suggest that they can be very useful for sales acceleration strategies. 

 The new search ads are part of a major makeover to the Facebook advertising platform. While it was expanding the new search ad features, Facebook was also tapering back on the interest targeting options available to advertisers. This was a risky decision, because if they search ads were ineffective, the social networking site could have hollowed out its traditional advertising platform at the expense of new features that didn’t compensate for lost quality with ad delivery. 

 Those concerns appear to be misplaced. Although it is still too early to say for certain how the search ads will work, there is growing evidence that they provide excellent value for brands that rely on them.

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How can the new search ads be used as part of a sales acceleration strategy? Advertisers can reach a more targeted audience and get better engagement with their ads. This suggests that they can get more sales from the same number of people using the Facebook ad platform.

There are a variety of ways that advertisers can generate sales with search ads. They might want to target users directly. There are a lot of great sales automation tools that make it easier for marketers to reach their customers. Some of them have been made specifically for social media marketing. You can find Facebook ads integrations that enable you to automatically capture emails with Facebook lead ads, automatically ad Facebook leads to Google spreadsheets and automatically subscribe new Facebook leads to MailChimp mailing lists. These types of features can streamline sales acceleration campaigns with Facebook marketing. 

Criticism of search ads appears to be misplaced 

 Whenever a new marketing feature is released, experts are bound to speculate about it. Facebook search ads are no exception. 

 In July, WordStream published an article talking about them. They raised a couple of criticisms at the time: 

  • Facebook search ads were restricted to three major industries. Advertisers in other verticals could not leverage the benefits of this new product. At the same time, they had to cope with a thinner range of targeting features with the original platform, which could weaken the historic ROI of their sales acceleration campaigns. 
  • Search ads did not allow advertisers to target specific keywords. They could only target users that were conducting searches for broader queries related to their line of business. 

 The first point of contention is no longer relevant. Facebook has been offering search ads to all advertisers for the past two months. 

 The second complaint address remains a relevant concern, but it is not as significant as it might seem. WordStream argued that the absence of a specific keyword targeting option meant that the value of the new search ads was minimal. They argued that the ads were little different than those appearing in the newsfeed. 

 This perspective is unnecessarily pessimistic. It is true that the ad placements would be much more targeted if they enabled keyword targeting. However, this does not mean that the new search ads don’t offer any value. 

 Brands are still able to target users that are actively looking for information or reviews of a particular product or service. These users will have a high level of purchase intent, which means that click-through-rates and conversion rates from search at placements should be a lot higher. There is a high likelihood that the value of ads delivered to people searching the marketplace will be higher than those delivered to people searching the general network, because they are looking for products rather than groups or pages. This can be excellent for sales acceleration in many industries. Future case studies will need to assess this theory, though. 

Facebook Search Ads Are Excellent for Sales Acceleration

 Facebook search ads are still a fairly new concept. There aren’t many case studies or reviews of them yet. However, there is plenty of room for optimism. These new ad offerings should be an excellent way for brands to reach a broader audience and boost to their conversion rates and ROI.

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