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How to Advertise “Boring” Businesses Successfully on Social Media
How to Advertise “Boring” Businesses Successfully on Social Media

Some businesses were made to be on social media. Fashion brands, travel agencies, hotels; all of these businesses sell based on their visual appeal, but not all companies can compete. Insurance companies, for example, are hardly attractive to look at. Because you don’t have beautiful products to photograph and then share, or have an attractive location to inspire wanderlust, you have no business being on social media, right? 

This couldn’t be further from the truth as 30% of Instagram users will use Instagram to get their news, and 60% of twitter users will do the same. Snapchat, Reddit, and Facebook are all used to obtain news and information, which gives businesses that don’t necessarily have a visual appeal a boost of opportunity, as the experts at Artis Dental were able to prove.

Providing a genuine source of information and an authentic viewpoint are all you need to succeed online. With the right tips, tricks, and imagery, you can build a thriving community and boost your sales, customers, or clients, you just need to get started: 

Create Informative Infographics and Images 

You won’t have picture after picture of beautiful editorials, and that’s okay. Infographics and informative pictures can actually be just as useful in gaining and growing a community as these. Dental clinics, for example, can easily offer small snippets about dental health and tips on how to enjoy better breath, whiter teeth, and what to do in certain cases. 

These small, digestible pieces of information should link to a more informative article or video on your website. This will then drive those who are interested in visiting your website into booking an appointment with you. These informative graphics can offer two benefits. One, you can help people to be healthier, and two, you can encourage those who have dental issues to your door. 

Be Fun With Your Pictures 

You don’t have to offer beautiful pictures, but they should be at least entertaining. Fun videos and pictures of your work can go a long way towards encouraging visual engagement on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. So long as your staff are okay with having their faces posted on your site, then you should use them. It translates to online users that you are small and authentic. You can also help alleviate fear in younger children as a parent could show the face of a dentist to their young apprehensive child before they plan on a visit. Photos can help to humanize your business. 

Show the Behind the Scenes 

Educational posts are very popular. Humans are very curious creatures, so if you show a video of how things are done behind the scenes you can actually garner a huge amount of views. Take that dental clinic as an example again. By showing your followers how you use Kent Dental products, or how you create teeth molds, you can show them something new and interesting, even if it isn’t the most beautiful thing in the world. 

Create Educational Campaigns  

In order to really hit the mark, you are going to want to create educational campaigns. This doesn’t have to be too difficult. Simply devise short series of posts that build on concepts that help your customers understand what you do better. This way new followers can easily catch up and learn something new, and old followers can enjoy bite-sized pieces of facts to take with them through the day. 

Engage with Your Community 

No matter which social site you use, engagement should be key. You will want to respond to all comments from your followers and to any direct messages at the very least. Other ways you can engage with your audience is to work with shops in your area. Working with some of the other businesses that are located in your plaza, for example, means that you can collectively benefit from each other’s efforts, as your goal is to attract the attention of people who can visit and shop with you.  

You can do a lot to drum up interest online by offering genuine help and useful information. Be fun, be playful, and be engaging. You also shouldn’t broaden your efforts too far. If you are local, then you not only need the attention of are those who live within a mile drive from you, but also way beyond. 

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