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David Steinberg Zeta Global CEO Bio
David Steinberg Zeta Global CEO Bio

David Steinberg is a highly talented, driven
individual with a vision for his workers and the future. Born in 1970, he’s
been the force behind many successful business ventures in the modern world.
Perhaps best known as the founder of Zeta Global, he’s always in search
of new challenges and new opportunities. This company is but one of the many
ventures that have seen his star rise and his accomplishments acknowledged. His
long career began back in 1993 when he founded his first company. Since that
time, he’s been one of the most important forces in the world of technology and
other industries. Zeta Global is valued at over $1.4 billion and
has annual revenues of more than $300 million.

Early Life

Seeking to use his talents,
David Steinberg
headed off to earn a degree at Washington &
Jefferson College.
A private college in Washington, Pennsylvania
with a focus on the liberal arts. This background provided him with the right
tools he needed in order to begin his career in business. After graduating in
1991, Steinberg started a company of his own scant two years later. Sterling Cellular, Inc began as a venture in
which he ran out of his parent’s basement. Their home in a suburb of
Washington, D.C. was the place ideal for a start. His parents helped with a
loan. He also found capital with help from the use of credit cards. By the time
it had been in business for a single year, the company enjoyed over a million
in revenue.

A New

Four years after starting this company, it had
a dozen locations and over twenty-two million in sales from happy clients. David Steinberg was not satisfied, he wanted
to harness the power of the internet to bring in even more sales. To that end,
he broke up the company. He sold off the company’s retail, in-person locations
and then founded a new company: Inphonic, Inc. Inphonic, Inc took off just as
quickly as the first company he started. Within a seven-year period, it had
hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and became the world’s largest
seller of phones on the net.

Work at XL Marketing Corp Pre Zeta Global

In 2007, he began another venture that allowed
him to use his talents once again. CAIVIS Acquisition Corp allowed him to use his
talents for spotting companies with potential and bringing his own spin and
capital to help them see new opportunities. They purchase small companies and
help them grow via the use of varied media including the internet.
David Steinberg
is able to provide such companies with services they
need such as human resources to help them expand into new markets and find
capital. Part of his goal is to help with expansion and thus increase their
overall market value. This strategy led to his ongoing involvement with Zeta Global. It’s a position he holds today
where he occupies the much-valued role of company Chief
Executive Officer.
He has continued to raise capital for the company

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