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How to Get More Instagram Followers with Ads
How to Get More Instagram Followers with Ads

Instagram is a fascinating platform that attracts more and more users.  And the trend is still strong. Probably soon after I published this article, the 10 million limit was cracked.

The “small” photo sharing service is far more than just a hype and already belongs to the widest range of channels. There is hardly a way to get past Instagram.

Instagram has long become an important communication channel for many companies and brands.

And at least as many are just discovering Instagram for themselves. All of them are always faced with the same challenge.

How do I get more Followers on Instagram?

In Instagram’s big brother, this challenge is much smaller. Facebook has long been able to enlarge its own fanbase with the Page like Ads.

Such a possibility one searches with Instagram currently in vain.

Because even though Instagram was 100% integrated into the advertising cosmos of Facebook, there is no such ad format. Instagram does not (officially) offer Page Follow Ads, however you can buy Instagram views.

With a small detour, however, it works already today and I show you this detour in this article.

Get More real Instagram followers – the Traditional Methods

Of course, you do not have to pay to buy real Instagram followers. There are a few ways you can expand your Instagram community without ads.

Here are the most common ways to get more followers on Instagram at a glance:

Create attractive and high-quality content that suits Instagram. The quality of the photos and videos is enormously important, especially on Instagram!

Use matching hashtags for your postings. But please do not exaggerate it. Optimal are between 4 to 8 hashtags per contribution.

Follow other accounts that interest you. Even a nice comment or a like is always welcome and makes you aware.

Post new content regularly. An account that rarely posts anything is boring for the users.

Share your Instagram photos and videos on other social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.

But let’s face the truth. Even the best content does not spread automatically by itself!


As mentioned earlier, Instagram does not (yet) have a special ad format to increase the number of followers. However, ads on Instagram are being driven from the Facebook ad manager.

The possibility known by Facebook to highlight a page with Page like Ads is missing on Instagram.

However, Instagram allows and allows users to direct ads to a website. And who said your Instagram account is not a website?

In the following 2 steps, I’ll show you how to get more followers with ads on Instagram.


First, open the Ad Manager on Facebook and choose the Goal for your Website campaign as the target.

Afterwards you will be asked to insert the URL of your website. But watch out! Here you do not add the URL of your website.

Instead, add the address of your Instagram profile as your destination URL.


In the next step you first determine the target group of the campaign. You define who you want to reach with your ads on Instagram.

Instagram campaigns have all the Facebook-aware targeting options available. And these possibilities are awesome. Learn more about the targeting options here

The following targeting options are particularly exciting for Instagram campaigns:

Custom Audiences: With Custom Audiences, you can reach people on Instagram who have visited your website, subscribed to your newsletter, or are already using your app. Tip: Create a Custom Audience website and redirect visitors to your website to Instagram with your ads (quasi Instagram Retargeting).

Lookalike Audiences: On Instagram, for example, talk to the Lookalike Audiences of your newsletter subscribers or Facebook fans. Add a Lookalike Audience under the “Custom Audiences” option.

Targeting by Interests and Demographics: Talk to people on Instagram based on their interests and demographics. Tip: Use also the function “limit target group”. This allows you to define your target group even more precisely. For example, I define my target group based on their age (21 to 54 years and the interests of “Digital Marketing” AND “Marketing for Social Media”.

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