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PixelFactory for Instagram Review
PixelFactory for Instagram Review

What do you do if you want to grow your followers on Instagram? Most people would try using a bot, hashtags, or change their posting frequency. However these methods will either get your account banned or won’t significantly improve your growth.

Another area is content. Instagram is a visual platform and people have a short attention span which means your content must be interesting and stand out. Creating your own content takes A LOT of time and resources. Hiring a graphic designer takes time, money, and their work isn’t delivered quickly.

Then there’s PixelFactory – they offer unlimited designs for one flat monthly fee. They support all different types of graphic design but also have a dedicated Social Media plan.

In this PixelFactory review, I plan to share what I like, what I don’t like, and what I’ve learned over the past year using PixelFactory for my Instagram content design needs.

In a nutshell, I highly recommend PixelFactory. You should check it out right here.

What is PixelFactory

If you haven’t heard, PixelFactory is an all-in-one graphic design service for one flat monthly fee. You can get unlimited graphic designs with unlimited revisions for $499 a month. They have a separate Social Media plan for $199 a month (On sale from $249).

Alright, but what does “unlimited” really mean? On the PixelFactory website it says, “unlimited requests”, “unlimited revisions”, “unlimited brands”. All of those things are true. However, I want you to go in with a clear understanding of what that really means.

Sure, you can submit unlimited requests and have unlimited brands, but it doesn’t mean you will GET unlimited actual designs done each month. If I submit 1 million job requests in a month, I shouldn’t expect to get 1 million unique graphic design jobs done in a month for only $399. That’s crazy talk.

The way it works is that you have essentially one graphic designer assigned to your account. That same graphic designer also works on a couple of other accounts (you aren’t the only client they work with).

Basically, some of your jobs will get completed slower or faster depending on how busy they are. But what I’ve found is that I can usually expect 2 or 3 graphic design jobs to be completed a day.

This also depends on the complexity. Simple jobs will get more done, more complex jobs will take longer.

Is PixelFactory worth the cost?

Absolutely. For my use case, I was looking to improve the content on my Instagram page. Creating the content myself was not feasible as I post multiple times a day and a graphic designer was too expensive. 

With PixelFactory I’m able to get multiple high quality graphics per day for $199 a month. On top of this, I’ve seen tremendous growth across all my social media accounts from the huge quality increase of my content. 

A couple more benefits of PixelFactory.

Another huge benefit is the ease of use. My designer has gotten used to my style and so it’s SUPER quick to order jobs.

For example, I might just say, “I need a graphic about our upcoming sale in an Instagram Story Format”. — That would be it. If I went to Upwork, I’d have to describe the job in detail, wade through applicants, hope they understand my brand, etc. 

I think it’s also worth mentioning that PixelFactory has access to stock images or other stock graphics that they can use. What this means is that you don’t have to pay for or provide any stock photos on your own.

For example, let’s say I wanted a professional image with text layover of a happy couple sitting on a bench. I would just tell them to go find a stock image of a happy couple sitting on a bench and to add these certain words. 

I don’t pay for the stock photo, PixelFactory already has it.

PixelFactory as a company.

All of my interactions with different team members has been very positive. 

They’re based in sunny San Diego and have a team of around 70 working from that office with around a hundred more remote employees.

The maintain a very high caliber talent group — all designers are required to have a degree in design, at least 2 years work experience, and certifications with various Adobe products.

PixelFactory really values empowering various businesses through design and offers discounted rates for Non-Profit and Education groups. If this is something you’re interested in, I suggest you reach out to Matt (their lead support) about this.

Final Thoughts.

After using PixelFactory for a while, I’d highly recommend it to any small business or influencer who is looking to grow organically. The ease of use combined with very experienced designers makes it an important tool for anyone looking to grow.

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