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Using Social Media to Leverage Your Business
Using Social Media to Leverage Your Business

These days, social media is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used in both business and your personal life. Not only is it a way to connect you to people all over the world, but it also helps to share information much faster than traditional mediums like news stations or radio. Having said that, if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, social media is a tool that you should be using to grow your brand. It is multi-functional and can help you meet several goals or objectives. On that note, continue reading to learn more about ways you could be using social media to leverage your business.

Brand Awareness

One of the primary ways that social media can be used to leverage your business would be to create brand awareness. There are a few ways to help you achieve this, but the first would be to find your target audience where they are. It will require that you do research and figure out what platform they’re likely to be on. You can then create content that they’re most likely to engage with. In doing so, you have a better chance of creating awareness about your brand, and hopefully building your business.

For Sales

Another way that social media can be used to leverage your business is by using it as a platform for selling. Not all brands do this, but if you choose to, it’s crucial that you have an effective strategy in place. Below are a few things that you may decide to sell on social platforms.

  • Property: Real estate has always been lucrative and continues to be because in most cases, property doesn’t decrease in value. In light of this, if you wanted to sell properties, social media would be a good place to advertise. Platforms like Instagram especially are visual, so you could show images of the properties that you want to sell. For example, if you were selling Calabasas real estate you could utilize Instagram stories and do a swipe-up linking to the properties website.
  • Retail: If you haven’t already noticed, retail brands tend to do well on social media. They typically are able to showcase their products and give consumers the opportunity to buy through their website or via direct message. However, when selling products on social media, it’s crucial that you don’t forget to curate and share custom content.
  • Selling a Business: If you happen to be in the process of selling one or more of your businesses, social media can also be a great platform for this. If, for instance, you were selling an accounting practice, you could get the word out on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook depending on where your audience is.


Another way to use social media to leverage your business would be to increase engagement and build an online community. Aside from selling, social media is a great platform to help you show your customers your human side. Do so by responding to their comments, asking them questions and reminding them how your brand fits into their daily life.

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