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Your Business Should Be More Personal to Attract More Customers
Your Business Should Be More Personal to Attract More Customers

Without customers, where would your business be? All else aside, your customers are why you are in business. No matter what products or services that you provide, your customers are the people these things are meant to serve. While it is easy to slip into thinking that your customers are just a number, pay heed to the fact that 86% of people are willing to pay more for better customer experiences. 

“No matter what your business provides, making the customer service experience more personal will not only bring in more customers, it will retain the customers that you already have,” says the founder of the Birth Injury Lawyers Group

Providing this kind of experience is easily done in a brick and mortar location, but it becomes harder for online retailers and service providers. An agile brand who makes their business customer-centric will outshine the competition and achieve even higher levels of success. 

So, now that we’ve established that providing a more personal customer experience will drive customer loyalty, just how do you go about it? Read on below for some suggestions on how to make customer service more personal. 

How to Personalize Your Customer Service

  1. Use a person’s name. And use your name as well. Recent studies indicate that when a person hears their name, a different part of our brains lights up than any other words. Using their name makes the conversation more personal and makes the customer like you more. On the flip side, using your name makes the interaction feel more personal. 
  2. Start by creating a culture of caring. If your company builds a culture that the employees feel like they’re cared for, instead of just cogs in a machine, they will pass this experience on to customers. 
  3. Manage expectations. A lot of negative experiences with customers boil down to one simple thing: unmet expectations. First, find out what the customer’s expectations are and let the customer know upfront if you can meet those demands. 
  4. Focus on the little things. You’d be surprised how much one small act of kindness can pay things forward. If you have a customer going through a life-changing experience, writing a personal note or sending a gift can inspire the kind of loyalty that businesses love. 
  5. Change the way you refer to your customers. Referring to your customers as clients may seem like a small change, but it invokes a relationship between the two parties instead of just a transaction. 

Customer service is an essential part of doing business. When asked what mattered to them most when doing business with companies, 40% of the 9,000 people asked responded “better human service.” This is more than double the responses that the second-place answer received. Note that the answer wasn’t “better customer service.” Better human service means making your business and service more personal. Your service will inspire more loyalty by treating customers as humans rather than just another sale. 

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