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Benefits Of Using AV Tech For Your Employee Training
Benefits Of Using AV Tech For Your Employee Training

The importance of both sound and visual in an employee training program simply cannot be emphasized enough. Audio-visual technology is an electronic media technology that aids in creating an environment that is interactive and stimulating, thus leading to making the training more conducive in nature. 

Online training is a challenge that is a little difficult to overcome. However, when your course material is more than just basic text-based, you tend to attract more attention from your employees and make the training more effective. 

One tool that serves you well for both your audio and visual needs is a learning management system. A learning management system is a cloud-based learning platform that allows you to easily create a program that your employees will love. You can develop video training lessons, host a virtual instructor-led training, create audio lessons, and more using an LMS. 

Other features such as gamification tools and certification at the end of training can further lead to an increase in the engagement of employees. It is, however, best to invest in an LMS that allows you to customize, for instance, iSpring Learn LMS. iSpring Learn reviews talk about how this particular software offers several ways to customize the course. 

There are several benefits that come with using such audio-video tools when you are planning to train your employees. Read about those benefits below. 

Benefits of AV technology for your employee training 

  • Upgrades onboarding of employees

When you are hiring new employees, especially when your work arrangement is remote, it can quickly turn into a challenge. This is where video training can turn out to be truly beneficial. When an organization hires an employee, they usually want them to get trained and adapt to the systems and norms of the firm quickly. Video employee training helps in speeding up this process. 

Moreover, when you use videos to learn about the organization, they will remember what they learn as visuals and sounds lead to an increase in the retention power of employees. Hence, if you wish your hiring process to be fruitful, it is best to make use of AV tech for your training. 

  • Improves interaction

If your training is live and instructor-led during these times of remote working, it is best to use videos. Videos make sure that your employees are interacting with the material that is provided to them and with the instructor. When you, as training managers, have a face-to-face interaction with your employees, you can easily understand their body language and facial expressions. This can help you make changes to your approach if need be. 

Also, with face-to-face virtual training, employees participate more by clearing out their queries and doubts then and there only. When your employees get a solution on the spot, they will prefer engaging more with your training, thus improving their performance on the job as a result. 

  • Enhances retention 

Another one of the benefits that audio-visual technology brings with it is the increased retention of employees. Offering employee training to your employees will be of no use if they forget what they are taught during the training sessions. This is where sounds and visuals play a key role. Videos or visuals ensure that your employees are storing the information in their long-term memory. 

A study shows that after three days of learning, an employee can retain only ten to twenty percent of textual information while sixty-five percent of the visual information. The more information your employees retain, the better they will be able to use their newly learned skills, and the closer will they get to reaching your organizational goals. 


Audio-Visual technology has plenty of benefits that you can leverage in your employee training. Apart from making onboarding easy, this technology also helps to improve the retention capabilities of your employees. 

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