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The Necessity Of Choosing The Best VPN Server Locations
The Necessity Of Choosing The Best VPN Server Locations

When it comes to the internet, some people are already considering it as a need. With so many people using it, there is no point in avoiding it anymore. You need it for a lot of reasons, but mainly for communication with the rest of the world. Social media has been a key feature in many industries all over the globe, and you need to have the connections to make it work. Fortunately for the modern world, it is rather easy to have those connections as we are moving to a new age.

However, one of the main concerns of many users is security as this article says: There was a time when this was not taken as seriously as many people think so. Everyone can just log on and give everything about them to the public. No one thought of being taken advantage of in this scenario, which is where everything started to unravel. Viruses became more rampant, and the developers of these programs took advantage of the ignorance of the general public. 

This is why most internet users these days are more vigilant than those people twenty years ago. Most of us now know what the World Wide Web is capable of even if we already know how to use it. There are so many loopholes that anybody can exploit, and it can be alarming for anyone. Some people even take it to the next level, and they are doing a lot of things that can be attributed to paranoia. However, with the state of the world these days, everything must be a guarantee.

Looking For Other Options

With these issues related to security, many users are trying to see if they can improve their own. This is where some of the inventions come in as a way to improve with all of that. Anti-virus programs were all the rage at the beginning of this century. Tons of versions became available, both free, freemium, and paid ones as well. It became apparent that they are already needed and should be added for all of the devices that we have.

Unfortunately, these anti-virus programs may not be enough anymore. Some of them do work perfectly, establishing a security system that can help you protect your identity and field. However, some companies took advantage and made a necessity out of nothing. It is said by some experts that these anti-virus programmers created the viruses themselves so that they can sell their applications. This is still speculation in some circles, but there must be some truth behind all of them.

With these issues surrounding such products, people have decided that they need something more than that. Most of us also need something that can still protect our identities and personal files on the web. The development of a VPN may not be due to the perceived downfall of anti-virus programs. However, it seems that there are so many people who are now more interested in VPN than ever before.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for the virtual private network, and it already seems self-explanatory. It is a service that deals with the security of your devices that are connected to the internet. A VPN service can hide your location and identity by creating a separate pathway for you to use the World Wide Web (read more). Think of it as a separate cable wire that still does the same thing except it is more protected than the public option. 

When you use a VPN, you can now access a lot of information online that might not be available to you. There might be some restrictions in the place that you are living in, so having this service is great so that you can still access them. There are a lot of ways that you can use a VPN, from education, business, and event entertainment. Most users these days use it to view shows that are not available in their home area.

Now, one of the main services that virtual private networks provide is changing your location. You see, your internet service provider can track your general location. This means that the information that comes your way when you search for it is only relevant to where you are right now. VPN can change that, creating more opportunities for you to explore other domains that may be blocked wherever you are. This way, you can still view and use what you want without that much restriction.

For most virtual private network providers, giving the locations wherein they can serve you is important. Typically, they will give you a lists of locations that are possible. However, some of them might not be the best due to network connectivity, stricter laws, and other issues. Below are some of the best ones available, you just need to make sure that your VPN can provide them.

  • Switzerland

Some people might be confused as you might think that Switzerland is a part of the EU, as the union is known to be strict. They are not a part of the European Union, and they do have a lot of privacy laws that do not comply with such. Thus, they are a prime location for people to connect VPN with because of these more lax approaches. You can easily view their websites and see the content, but you should know how to speak the local languages.

  • Spain

On the other hand, Spain is a part of the European Union. However, they do have their laws when it comes to privacy and data protection. It is already well-known that they are one of the few countries that have a dedicated law just for this aspect of the internet. Another great thing about the country is they also protect the local businesses with this act which is great for those who are just starting with their businesses online. Read more here:

  • Iceland

This is another safe place for people to connect to, sometimes even better than Switzerland in some aspects. They do not join in many international alliances when it comes to privacy and protection, so they have their laws surrounding it. This way, you can also access other websites because they are not necessarily banned in the country. You can explore some of their laws on the country’s website, but it would be better if you know Icelandic first.

  • Romania

Romania is an EU country, but they also make their own rules when it comes to this aspect of the internet. It is said that copyright infringement is rather rampant in the country, but their police force and other authorities do not care much about it. This is why you can easily access some of the content that they have even if the EU laws are shadowing them from time to time. 

  • Malaysia

One of the few countries in Asia that has these protection laws, Malaysia is protecting even those who access their data. This is because of their Personal Data Protection Act published in 2010, and it has been made even better throughout the years. You can enter their domains without the fear and worry of being tracked because of the rules that they have given for the internet. 

When It Comes To The Choice

When you use a virtual private network, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind first: distance. It will affect the connectivity of your website if you are too far from where you are connecting. For example, you want to access a Swiss website but you are in Australia. The physical distance is already a factor, and you need to add the time needed to render everything on that website.

The locations we’ve listed might be the best for your security, but you still have other options to explore. You just need to be careful as many government units are already aware of what VPN can do. Look for the best ones that can provide you with the utmost security, not just with location options. 

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