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Grasping the Foundation of Social Media Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses
Grasping the Foundation of Social Media Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

Marketing tactics can be used to sell pretty much any product or service. In the early days of the Internet, most digital marketing strategies were built around ecommerce businesses. However, they have become essential to local businesses as well.

A prime example of a local business that relies on social media is property buyers. We looked at several case studies on property management companies using social media that other local businesses can use as templates for their own social media strategies.

Lessons from Property Management Companies on Social Media Marketing

If you’ve invested in a buy to let property and you’re trying to attract tenants, there are things you should keep in mind to ensure your property stands out amongst your competition. In order to get your property noticed by desirable, high-paying tenants, you need to market your rental effectively, and here are some top tips to show you how.

Content is key

If you’re writing your listing yourself, make sure you use the right language to promote the property. Concise, informative content is key as people usually want to find out everything they need to know about a property quickly. It’s important to find the right mix of avoiding over-complicated language, but still using language that attracts potential tenants to the property. One good idea is to look at how property companies advertise their properties with content, such as popular UK property investment company RW Invest who promote their buy to let properties with detailed and considered language. This company knows how to inform potential buyers about the main selling points of the property, while also using creative and descriptive writing to draw the reader in. If you need a hand with this, it’s worth enlisting the help of a professional content writer who will use copy to highlight the best qualities and most attractive features of your property.

Photograph your properties well

A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure the first insight that potential tenants get of your property is a positive one. Avoid blurry or dark images as these are going to have the opposite effect and turn people away from the property. Images that present your rental in clear and bright light with good quality photography will make people keen to come and view the property in person. Prior to taking any photographs to market the property, make sure everything is up to scratch. This means re-painting any old and worn out decor, tidying up any mess, and doing a deep clean. You could even display some nice finishing touches such as a bouquet of flowers on the coffee table or some fresh fruit in the kitchen. Photos that capture your property in the right way are likely to help your listing stand out and create a good first impression.

Spread the word

While putting your rental property up for a listing is an essential way to market it to tenants, it’s important to also spread the word as much as you can. Use word of mouth to tell more people about the rental property, whether this is sending a quick text to friends and family or discussing the property over a coffee with an old colleague. You’d be surprised how much word gets around, and enquiries can often flood in from friends of friends. You should also use personal social media accounts to post about the property and include a link to the online listing if possible. If you have a large number of investment properties you need to promote, why not create a social media account on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. This way you can post photos of new rentals that become available and gather a large following of people that live in the city of your investments.

Social Media Can Be Vital to Local Businesses

Local businesses need to explore different marketing strategies in 2019. They can use these lessons from experienced property management companies to develop an effective social media strategy.

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