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5 New Social Media Apps for Social Media Marketers in 2019
5 New Social Media Apps for Social Media Marketers in 2019

Every company relies tools to effectively manage their business operations. Social media is no different. The right social media apps or tools can be instrumental in helping you build brand awareness. No matter what industry you’re in, you can leverage social media to your advantage.

  • The average time spent on social networks per day is 116 minutes
  • 91% of retail brands use at least two social networks to establish brand presence and communicate with current and potential customers
  • 77% of Twitter users have a better overall perception of a brand when their Tweet has been replied to
  • 71% of people who have a good experience with a brand via social media are more likely to recommend that brand to other people. This is especially important because in today’s business world, recommendations power purchases

“It’s especially important for small businesses and growing startups to use social media appropriately,” says Lee Jacobs of AngelList. “It is tablestacks today for a consumer brand to have a strong social media presence, those that don’t risk falling behind.”

Today, the average person has at least five different social media accounts. In addition to the most essential social media apps, there are five other newer players that you can take advantage of:


If your demographic is on younger side, then you can’t afford to skip Instagram in your social efforts. After all, a whopping 90% of Instagram users are under 35. Planoly is a visual planner for Instagram. There are many Instagram planning apps, however, Planoly comes in several steps ahead of its competition.

The app was designed to cater to a designer’s and editor’s point of view during the curation process. With Planoly, you can view a visual representation of how your posts will look once they’re laid out in the traditional Instagram grid style. This makes it much easier for you to be cohesive with your posts, as well as organize your branding efforts. You can also use it to schedule posts, re-post user generated content from your community, analyze your metrics to better understand your audience, and manage your comments.

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Botletter is an app that makes it easy for you to create drip campaigns for Facebook Messenger. Many entrepreneurs and marketers aren’t fully aware of the untapped potential that Facebook Messenger has. Botletter aims to leverage that potential. The company dubs itself the “Mailchimp for Messenger”—but unlike traditional email campaigns, drip campaigns through Messenger have fared far better. Average open rates for email campaigns hover around the 20% range, while Botletter’s open rate is 80%, and clickthrough rates are 4 to 10 times higher.


Fastory is an app that allows digital marketers to seamlessly create branded content for social networks like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. This content creation tool makes it easy for businesses to create professional marketing assets with little to no design experience. Most importantly, the content is built to be interactive. In addition to regular posts, you can create quizzes, games, chatbots, surveys, videos, and much more.

Roma, a professional Italian football club in Rome, used Fastory to provide their fans with interactive and engaging content. In one particular case study, their primary objective was to connect with ticket buyers and sell tickets to a Roma vs. Chelsea game. To achieve their goals, they used Fastory with Instagram Stories ads, Snapchat ads, Facebook posts, and Twitter posts. As a result, they saw 2x more swipe ups on Instagram, an 86% story completion rate, and a 13% CTR on their “Buy Tickets” link. Their Twitter stories also received 6x more retweets than normal. You can check out other case studies on the Fastory website.


Campsite is a tool that allows brands to leverage the one link that Instagram allows on their profiles. The “one link” allowance has posed a major issue for marketers, who need to come up with crafty workarounds when they’re promoting various products, services, posts, or pages. The app allows you create a Campsite page that aggregates all the links you want to promote. When a user clicks that link, they’ll see a page that consolidates your current promotions in a simple interface.

RubricEvery marketer knows it isn’t easy to come up with the perfect caption for a piece of content. Consider this: the majority of brands are posting at least five times per week on Instagram alone. As you might imagine, that’s a lot of captions and creative thinking. Enter Rubric, an app that suggests captions for you. Simply upload your image, and it uses visual recognition technology and machine learning to spew relevant captions that might be useful for you. Choose from witty phrases, popular celeb quotes, and more. At the very least, it can get your creative juices flowing and aid the idea generation process.  

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