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How Business Services Are Evolving To B Part Of The Platform Concept
How Business Services Are Evolving To B Part Of The Platform Concept

A technology platform is an environment for building and running applications, systems, and processes. These can be viewed as toolsets for developing and operating customized and tailored services. In the past decade technology platforms have exploded on the digital scene. Google Search, Facebook, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Marketplace, Android, Uber, AirBnB, Waze, WeWork, Twilio and even Bitcoin are all platforms.

Flocksy is a platform for creating digital marketing components. They offer web development, graphic design, copywriting, and video production services. Flocksy is a professionally managed flat rate creative services and content platform focused on long-term relationships with clients, designers, and partners. They are always making it easier and more efficient to connect to a team of creatives who will get all your work done. 

They are affordable, easy and efficient, and fast. Flocksy utilizes only U.S.-based project managers who understand the needs of both clients and on demand teams. Their team is fully vetted and tested, ensuring their clients get top notch results for the projects they desire. Flocksy was founded in 2016 by Sam, George, and Charles Ryan as the first platform of its kind to offer the breadth of services and consistency of teams.

Flocksy works for small to medium sized businesses that need marketing work done quickly and professionally for an affordable cost. They help their customers with all their marketing projects for a fraction of the price they would pay an inhouse team. Their service replaces the typical full-time designer, video editor, developer or writer and more. 

They are always trying to reach more customers and expand their services to offer more, such as SEO and posting on Facebook and Instagram. By the end of the year they will have at least three more services available. A year from now, they will have more services, faster turnaround times and an even smoother process. Five years from now, they will be THE place to go to connect with a team of professionals for a flat rate. 

Flocksy integrates chat functionality and a full dashboard, both of which are focused on consistent, best work practices for every project. Their platform vets and selects only the best creatives from around the world, ensuring work is done correctly and on time. Flocksy was designed so clients get a whole team they are working with and not one person that they may or may not connect with.

Businesses sign up and can create unlimited design, video, development and writing projects. Flocksy then forms a fully vetted team around the customer’s account based on the projects they run, their style, and more. The team then works on all their projects and makes sure to keep their brand and style consistent. Their professional-grade work is work we use ourselves. 

Accounts are each assigned a dedicated Project Manager. The Project Manager is USA based and oversees the client’s team and account. If the client has any questions, issues with the team, concerns about a project or more, they can simply reach out to their Project Manager for a fast response (usually in under an hour). 

The teams get projects done in 12 hours on average. Since there is always someone available on the team to work on the projects, there are few delays and most projects are done correctly and consistently the first time around. This allows businesses to scale and start as many projects as they need without any bottlenecks. 

Clients can do as many projects as they can complete in a given month.  In order to better focus on client work, projects can be located into our dashboard and are completed one at a time.  When you sign off on a project, the next one begins. The dashboard includes recent activity in a client’s account, the team, the client’s active projects and stats on their activity. 

Flocksy is very user friendly. Clients can easily sign up and create projects within minutes. They can easily provide feedback by commenting and tagging designs within a project. Once the client is happy with a project, they can simply close it out and the team starts on the next project in the queue. Wayne Rash, a technology and science writer at Forbes, wrote in a recent article, “Flocksy is a good example of how business services are evolving to be part of the concept of platforms, just as a vast array of companies formed personal service platforms. Done properly, these platforms provide a source for business services that provide customers with high quality work by experienced staff in a timely and affordable manner. They also provide top quality talent to smaller businesses that couldn’t get staff of that quality any other way.”

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