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How Much Time Do You REALLY Save Flying on a Private Jet?
How Much Time Do You REALLY Save Flying on a Private Jet?

In a world where time is such a valuable commodity, frequent travelers are always seeking newer and quicker ways to get to their destination. Fortunately, travel options—especially for air travel—have expanded and reached new heights in efficiency and speed over the past few years, making it easier than ever for flyers to save time in the air.

As a frequent flyer, you probably know the pain of flying commercially and how it eats into the valuable time you and your business probably do not have. But with the private jet sector expanding, the possibility of choosing to charter a private jet has become more accessible than ever. And if you’re wondering just how much time the latest innovations in private flying can save you, look no further—we’ve put together a list that illustrates all the ways private jets get you where you need to go faster:

Private Flights Don’t Require Lines or Waiting

If there is one thing that is the cause of stress and frustration for everybody at airports, it’s having to stand in security and baggage lines for extended periods of time.

Lines at airports can sometimes leave you standing for hours on end, not to mention they require you to get to the airport hours before your flight is scheduled to take off. Once you do finally board the plane after waiting in yet another line, you have to wait for everyone else to board before your plane can take off. 

All in all, preparing for takeoff—including driving to the airport, finding parking, standing in baggage and security lines, and boarding—takes several hours. In this situation, many frequent business travelers, for example, are asking themselves whether or not this loss of valuable time is really worth it.

If you’re finding that the answer is no, private flights are a great time-saving solution. There are no security or baggage lines because the risk of dangerous persons is virtually non-existent on a private flight, so you don’t need to arrive two hours before your flight takes off. Instead, you can sleep in, get extra work done, or enjoy a nice meal near the airport just before taking off. 

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Once you and your party board, there’s no need to wait for hundreds of others to board either, saving you even more time. Simply removing line-waiting as a flight factor can be enough for any frequent traveler to look into private jet chartering. 

Private Flights Are More Direct 

One of the most popular reasons to take a private jet is the level of efficiency offered. Firstly, you can almost guarantee that you won’t suffer delays on the flight. The issues that delay commercial flights—such as a late flight crew, a full runway, or inclement weather—will rarely apply to a private flight. In fact, private jets are much more equipped to fly through harsh weather conditions than commercial aircraft.

You will also be more likely to reach your destination faster than you would when you catch a commercial flight. Private jets are typically much smaller and faster than commercial planes, making your total flight time significantly shorter on a private flight.

Finally, you also won’t have to worry about layovers or connecting flights. With private jets, you take one direct flight to your destination. You may need to stop to refuel, but other stops, connections, or transfers are generally unnecessary. 

Private Jets Have Greater Access

Another huge time-saver is that private jets can access several more airports than commercial ones. Private jets can access over 5000 airports nationwide, where a commercial plane can only access about 500 airports around the country.

Having access to so many locations means that you don’t have to travel as far to an airport, and your landing airport will likely be much closer to your intended destination, making total travel time much shorter and more efficient. 

With all the time-saving benefits of private flying, it’s no wonder so many business executives and teams are choosing to fly privately now. What’s more, time saving isn’t the only benefit to private flying. In fact, many chartering companies offer jet cards that allow you to purchase several hours worth of flights at one time for one fixed price, saving you money, too. Many business travelers who frequently fly first class realize that the price for chartering a jet ends up being fairly affordable by comparison.

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