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Is Sara Agency a Scam? Our Review
Is Sara Agency a Scam? Our Review

If you’re hoping to establish a successful Instagram presence as an influencer or for your business, you should definitely consider investing in social media promotional tools. These sites can help you to gain followers and engagement far more quickly than you’d ever be able to do on your own.

Sara Agency is one such social media marketing firm. Keep reading below to learn more about this company and whether it’s worth your investment. It’s important to understand that many of these promotional sites are risky. Some are downright scams. We’ll review Sara Agency and cover some alternatives that may be safer.

Top Sara Agency Alternatives

  1. ViralRace
  2. YoViral
  3. Hashtags for Likes
  4. Ingramer
  5. MaherGram
  6. Instamber
  7. FollowingLike
  8. IG Instant
  9. FiringTable

What Is Sara Agency?

Sara Agency is an Instagram automation service. They claim they can provide users between 200 and 2000 new followers per week. They allow you to set demographic targets based on gender, location, followers, post age and more. The company says this method of targeted automation ensures your followers will be genuine Instagram users who are interested in the type of content you produce.

It has an easy to use interface that is very similar to a now-defunct Instagram tool called Instagress. If you were an Instagress user, you’ll find the Sara Agency dashboard to be quite natural.

Sara Agency doesn’t require you to download any software. This can be appealing for those who worry about security. Its software lets you automate a number of various actions on Instagram. These include follows, likes, unfollows and comments. They don’t automate direct messages, but it does appear that the company has introduced Story viewing into its services.

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You can only manage Instagram accounts through the Sara Agency dashboard. Unlike some other firms, it doesn’t support management of any of the other popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Spotify. However, you can use its interface to monitor and oversee multiple accounts.

In fact, Sara Agency lets you manage an unlimited number of accounts. This is great if you’re a social media manager who specializes in Instagram optimization. It could be a disadvantage for those who want to oversee all of their social media accounts in one place.

Sara Agency Features

The Sara Agency offers most of the standard features you’ll find across Instagram bots. They use their software to automate follows, likes, unfollows and comments. In addition, you can get automated Story views with their plans.

An overview of the features available include:

  • Automated activity
  • Full targeting control
  • No limits
  • Organic growth with real followers
  • Security with 256 bit SSL encryption
  • Built-in speed settings

Sara Agency software runs behind-the-scenes even when you don’t have it open. It’s fully automated. All you have to do is set up your preferred targeting parameters, and the automated bot will work within those settings.

With their targeted setting options, you are likely to get real followers who are interested in your content. You can choose to follow accounts by post age and type, number of followers, username, gender, location and hashtag. This helps to ensure you get the type of engagement you seek.

The site is secure, meaning your financial and personal information will be safe. It’s also useful that Sara Agency offers a setting to allow you to control the speed with which you complete actions. Instagram software can detect bot use if it likes, follows and comments too quickly. Users who go over the maximums will be penalized. Speed settings help you to avoid that.

These are the main features offered by the Sara Agency. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that they have a chat feature for technical support. The only way to contact them appears to be through email.

Plans and Prices

The Sara Agency offers fairly straightforward plan options. That makes it easy to choose. As of this writing, there is the Sara Simple package for $13.99 a week and the Sara Social plan at $39.99 per month.

Sara Simple:

  • Safe & secure
  • Views
  • Target by username
  • Target by location
  • Target by gender

Sara Social:

  • Safe & secure
  • Views
  • Target by username
  • Target by location
  • Target by gender
  • Target by hashtag
  • Real-time statistics on growth
  • Cancel anytime

Pros and Cons

Let’s break down the pros and cons of the Sara Agency. This firm offers some helpful and unique features for a bot. Especially useful is the in-depth targeting options.

There are some issues with the service, however. One major disadvantage is that they don’t have 24/7 chat availability for technical issues. This could be problematic if you need assistance immediately. Take a look at an overview of the pros and cons associated with this agency.


  • Secure site
  • Transparent pricing
  • FAQ/Help Page
  • Advanced filters
  • Speed control
  • No software to download


  • No 24/7 customer support
  • Only serves Instagram
  • Few plans to choose from
  • Poor online reviews

Final Thoughts

While there are a number of features available that look good on paper, it’s very concerning that the Sara Agency lacks some key things. One of these is its customer service options. Getting in touch with help can only be done through email. There is not even a contact form available on the site.

In addition, there are currently only two plans from which to choose. Some may appreciate the simplicity, but others might want more versatility in their options. Being able to mix and match individual features could be handy for those concentrating their campaigns on particular actions.

Finally, and perhaps most concerning, is the fact that some further research will easily show you that there are a significant number of negative reviews across the web. Many people have rated Sara Agency a scam on the review site Trustpilot. They say that they received no services after an initial trial period.

A number complain of being billed multiple times within a month, only to be told that they would receive free service the following month. That’s if they’re lucky to reach customer support at all. There were numerous reviewers on the site who said they never heard back in response to their complaints.

Based on these concerning issues, the Sara Agency doesn’t seem one that can be reliably recommended. It’s definitely a risk to invest your money in a service that has received so many poor and negative reviews online.

Let’s move on to look at some safer alternatives to Sara Agency. As always, it’s important to do your due diligence. Social media growth and promotion tools are constantly evolving.

What may work well for awhile could be problematic at a later time. Use discretion and care when choosing which to try for your social media engagement needs. Here are the top Sara Agency alternatives on the market:

1. ViralRace

ViralRace lets you buy real, engaged followers, likes and high-quality views from their site. This platform works behind the scenes to push your content to genuine users who want to view images and videos within your niche.

ViralRace can help you rapidly generate new followers and likes. However, you also have the option of choosing to have your products delivered more gradually if you prefer more natural results from your automated engagement. It’s possible to receive automated likes immediately upon posting, too, if that’s your preference.

ViralRace is a leading engagement marketplace for businesses and influencers. It can help you to achieve social proof with collaborators and push you to reach Instagram’s discovery page more quickly.

2. YoViral

YoViral is another service where you can buy likes, follows and views from real Instagram users. This is crucially important, as many other sites deliver fake followers or ones that aren’t tailored to your content. With YoViral, you’ll get engagement with users who fit your demographic.

You can choose a monthly plan that offers automatic likes within 30 seconds of uploading your content. You can also decide to receive actions at a more gradual pace if that’s what works for you. An added benefit to this tool is that there’s no daily post limit.

You can publish as much content as you like each day, and you’ll still receive the requested amount of likes and views on each post. YoViral is currently being used by mega influencers and brands. It’s easy to get started with their 2-click process. It only takes seconds to order. All you have to do is enter your username and select the plan you want.

3. Hashtags for Likes

Instagram engagement is fueled by hashtags. This is how users find content that interests them. As the name implies, Hashtags for Likes will help you to target followers by hashtags. You’ll get analytic information and data on relevant tags to help you pinpoint your ideal followers.

Hashtags for Likes’ search engine will help you to quickly get in front of the right audience to suit your needs. This is the site to consider if you want to connect with your ideal audience.

4. Ingramer

Another bot to look to for automation of your Instagram account is Ingramer. Like many others, this service can get you followers, likes and comments quickly. Ingramer offers some additional features you won’t find with every marketing promotion tool. You can purchase automated DMs and schedule posts through their site, as well.

There’s no software to download, so you can get started right away and use their interface through multiple devices. Give them a shot with their free 3-day trial.

5. MaherGram

MaherGram is an Instagram tool that caters to small businesses and others who are looking for serious social media engagement. You’ll save tons of time and energy with their automated services like follows, likes and reposting. MaherGram also lets you send automated direct messages as needed.

You’ll appreciate their in-depth reporting that can help to ensure you’re on the right track. Customer support chat is available, which is a feature that too few of these companies tend to have.

6. Instamber

Influencers and businesses can benefit from Instamber’s advanced Instagram growth tool. They give the ability to schedule your posts in advance and to monitor your progress.

You can also purchase views, as well as likes and followers through Instamber. Direct message automation is also available. It works exclusively with Instagram, making it ideal for those focusing their social media presence on this platform.

7. FollowingLike

Those who manage social media across platforms will be pleased to know that FollowingLike works with other big social networks, not just Instagram. This will help you to manage your client accounts across various social media platforms conveniently on one dashboard.

FollowingLike works behind the scenes 24/7 on autopilot once you choose your plan and set up your preferred filters and settings. Choose individual actions like follows, likes or comments. You can also combine features to execute more complex campaigns if you prefer.

8. IG Instant

IG Instant is a good service to choose if you’d like to take advantage of their free trial before committing. They also have a variety of plans from which to choose at a number of different price points.

This gives you flexibility in your Instagram automation. They promise their followers are 100% real. You’ll get instant delivery, as the name implies, from their secure site. In addition, IG instant offers 24/7 support.

9. FiringTable

FiringTable is a bit different. It’s not a bot. Instead, they offer Instagram account management on your behalf. Their professionals work behind the scenes to get you the followers, likes and other engagement you desire based on the parameters you set.

They say they will engage with potential followers according to how you tell them to target them. Their site claims they work 24/7 to boost your account. You can choose from three different plan levels, depending upon your particular social media needs. They only work with Instagram.

Sara Agency offers some unique and desirable features. However, as you can see from our review and others across the internet, they may not be the safest Instagram tool out there. Instead, we hope you’ll take some time to check out these safer alternatives to the Sara Agency to meet your Instagram growth needs.

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