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How to Get Your Employees on Board with a Single Social Media Brand Persona
How to Get Your Employees on Board with a Single Social Media Brand Persona

Marketing is a difficult art to master because it changes on a daily basis. What is trending changes how you market. What the social/political environment is will change how you market. Even how you run your business will change how you market to your customers. Whereas with billboard and traditional marketing campaigns, you have more time to think and devise a strategy. Your social media needs to be kept up to date regularly.

So how do you create a great social media campaign that can be added to day after day without feeling disjointed? You create a social media brand identity.

This brand identity is essential because it is the voice that your customers will read when they scroll through your feed. With a strong persona, you can change advertising campaigns and messages naturally because you have a consistent element that carries on and on.

How to Get Everyone to Use One Brand Persona

Improve How they Work As a Team

Your entire communication’s team has to be on board with the type of persona you are providing. This is how you complete the brand experience. A customer should never walk away from a comment, call, or email with the thought that the employee was bad. Instead, they should walk away with the thought that the company (you) is exceptional. This requires workforce optimisation (WFO). To provide this optimization you will need to train your team on how to use your communications portals just as much as you need to train them on how to improve the customer experience better whether they call, text, or email.

You need to get this handled first because when your social media marketing works, this level of communication is your goal. Never focus on the front of house operations until you can adequately say that your customers will be well taken care of once they get in touch. This is how you drive sales from social media.

Work Together to Create a Single Brand Entity

Everyone involved should work to create a single brand identity. This way the core team handling this part of the job will know how to talk, how to create posts that seem uniform even if they are different, and of course, how to respond to customers uniquely and humanly.

Pass On the Persona to Every New Social Media Manager

Put this all in one document so that every new social media manager or team member will have access to it.

Tips When Creating This Persona

The brand persona in question will be made up of a few things; how they talk, the colors or images they use, and even the editing involved. By understanding the persona inside and out, you can create a familiar friend for your customers without relying on repetition.

Create Catch Phrases and Quirks

This can be a great way to make your brand feel more human. It is great for more lighthearted posts and when responding to jokes made by your customers in the comments. You don’t just want to focus your attention on those who have questions or problems they need fixed.

Don’t Make it Too Silly

There will be times that serious issues arise and you need to deal with them accordingly. Being silly all the time won’t help if the community that makes up your demographic is suffering a huge loss and you want to show your support. By making a nuanced persona, you can easily stay true to your brand in any situation.

Make it Easy to Replicate

Keep your brand broad so that different employees can handle managing your social media accounts. This way, the team who create the content and the team who answer questions, concerns, and praises in the comments can all sound like the same “brand.”

Train Your Employees

Train your employees so that they not only how to talk and respond to customers, but so that they can do it within the brand identity. You are allowed to be more serious when answering a complaint, but by making it a bit more personal or creative, you can avoid the robotic responses that customers have come to hate.

Your customers deserve a well-thought-out social media team that can advertise your company properly and help them deal with any questions or concerns they may have.

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