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How to Announce Your Divorce on Social Media
How to Announce Your Divorce on Social Media

Dissolution of marriages has actually been known to be a hard decision
for the spouses involved. A believed-future vow made at the altar of love and
in front of family and friends suddenly comes to an abrupt end. There are so
many reasons marriages stopped working, from domestic violence to infidelity
and which the law has greatly respected if the couple is willing to end it.
Another problem surfaces when you have to tell the world you are no longer
married. Where else can you reach the world faster than Social Media?

is a platform created for people who intend to express their
thoughts to the public or simply to make friends. Social Media is a blessing
because it has suddenly made our vast world, an incredibly small world. Good!
But don’t let us forget it has also brought some nasty vices along. Trolling,
stalking and a lot of other things that make the Social Media hell instead of
heaven. What about nasty comments that threaten to throw you off the edge or
probably make you break your phone? Announcing your divorce on such platform
can turn out problematic if you don’t know how to go about it. Here are a few
tips that can turn out helpful:

you post your divorce for the world to see, sit back, do not hurry and ask
yourself the reason you want them to know. Is your intention mainly to shame
your ex, ridicule them and have the whole world looking at them like they are
some monsters? Or are you simply expressing your thoughts on the decision you
made or your thoughts on divorce in general? Or maybe you just want them to
know what you have been through and if some lessons could be learned from it?
The intention is important so that you won’t start something you can’t finish.
So many people back out or have the situation out of hand because they have no
sordid intention in the first place. It will not only mar your image but
probably lessen your followers. You know how it feels when people don’t take
you seriously again.

            After this, pick the suitable social
media platform for this or the platform you use regularly. You have a long list
to choose from. If Facebook is going to greatly satisfy you because it is going
to get to a lot of people, proceed to post your divorce on it. One platform is
enough. You don’t have to go on other platforms and announce the same thing.
Your Twitter followers don’t need to know so also your Instagram followers.
Don’t make it obvious that you want a lot of people to know as much as possible.
It’d seem very unnecessary.

you’re done picking the social media account enough for you, know the friends
you’re going to be posting this to. Will they understand you and feel you have
made the right decision? Are they trolls that will make you feel bad or
uncomfortable? Friends and readers who are going to read your post are very
important. Posting it to the wrong people may shatter the endgame of your
announcement or force you to delete the post because you feel kind of
intimidated. People don’t have to make you reverse something you really
intended to do.

next step is typing down your announcement before you post it. You can make it
better by pinning it down and going over it again. Make it simple and clear.
Don’t leave behind doubts and questions in your readers’ minds. Say it the way
it happened and let there be no room for lies. It can spoil your image after
the falsity of the post is discovered. If your ex is someone who doesn’t like
to be known by a lot of people, you can simply make the post without mentioning
their names. That would mean respecting their privacy. You don’t want them to
be stalked or harassed on social media after revealing who they are.

a relevant conclusion. Don’t just tell them because you want them to know.
People look for the reasons behind posts and if they don’t find one, questions
of relevancy will be raised. Tell them why you want them to know and what you
feel they might learn from it. Let your friends know you’re not telling them because
you want their sympathies or you want them to see you in a different light. A
relevant conclusion is weighty to your post.

answer questions that will surely be raised. You have just told the world a
decision you made and why you made it. They will want to know more and you need
to be ready to give them more. Answer truthfully and do not contradict your
post. You will find people who will condemn you and be angry with you for what
you did. Don’t be dismayed. Tell them it’s your decision and that is what you
feel works for you.

to Divorce
, announcing a divorce that is not finalized is not a good
idea. Also, divorcing over social media sounds unimportant. You don’t have to
hurry and tell people something that the law has not made certain. There is
plenty of time to do that after the divorce. In addition, telling your spouse
over social media that “it’s over” is actually irrelevant. Not
everyone is interested in seeing couples fight and end their relationships.
These things can be done privately and outside the confines of social media. It
is your right to post anything on it but doesn’t forget you’re not the only one
on it.

these steps, announcing your divorce on social media
doesn’t seem hard after all. Your intention, your friends or readers, your
conclusion and how you go about it are the vital points you must follow for
such publication to become successful. It is your decision but how you present
it matters or else it becomes something you live to regret.

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