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J Staffz – The Man Behind The Music
J Staffz – The Man Behind The Music

J Staffz is widely known as a classically trained pianist, beat producer, singer, DJ, engineer, and social media raconteur from Toronto, Canada. But what are the desires that drive him to be so successful in the recording industry? This article intends to provide you with a better understanding of J Staffz and why he is rapidly becoming a significant player in the music industry.

Early in life, J Staffz (his name, a combination of his first and middle initials and last name) was exposed to music by his family and discovered he had a natural musical talent. He took up piano lessons through the Royal Conservatory of Music at six and continued his studies when time permitted. J Staffz’s musical appetite expanded when his musical repertoire and he learned to play steel drums at St. Kitts and Nevis, his family’s native country, and took professional drum lessons as well.

His musical skills began to rise rapidly, and early in life, he started creating beats, then expanded into producing songs. His first regularly rotated song came when he was 19 in Toronto. With an insatiable musical mind and the desire to continue learning how to market himself and get his musical message out, he engaged early in social media to create a more extensive fan base.

Realizing he needed to expand his marketability and build his record-producing business, J Staffz embraced social media and especially Twitter as an early marketing platform. His tactical move to social media was a success. His brand quickly grew and began to attract well-known artists such as G-Unit, Wiz Khalifa, Belly, P Reign, Uncle Murda, French Montana, 40 Glocc, Yung Berg, Fat Joe, and many others.

J Staffz continually plumbed the depths of his musical curiosity and attended Metalworks Institute to learn Audio Engineering and Recording. However, he discovered that his genuine interest was more in making music than the engineering side of the business, so he leveraged his newfound knowledge to increase the depth of his recording productions.

He had the burning desire and boundless energy to continually strengthen his brand, as he recognized the recording industry would always be in continual musical flux. So, with foresight, he began to explore the possibilities of growing his brand by venturing into creating beat beds and composing music for the entertainment industry.

Expanding his work resume, J Staffz became an in-house producer for Silverbridge Media. This arrangement allowed him to strengthen his brand by composing music and beat beds for Viacom. The Viacom clients included MTV, VH1, VH2, HBO, and other networks under the Viacom umbrella.

J Staffz recognized and understood the power of advertising and exposure to online media. So he partnered with Google to form a Google Adwords investment firm, JSB Solutions. The mission of JSB Solutions is to fund and provide campaign management for clients in exchange for equity in the projects.

From beginnings in Toronto, Canada, J Stafzz has grown his brand to encompass advertising, music production, singing, entertainment industry musical productions, recording engineering, and musical beats. His vision is to start his new record label, and with his history of success, it would be a good bet the label will succeed and survive.

J Staffz, at 25, is a musical renaissance man that knows what he wants and the clarity of vision necessary to achieve his dreams.

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