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Mint Mobile, Is it worth it?
Mint Mobile, Is it worth it?

Cell phones are more commonplace than they have ever been before. This is because more and more manufacturers and providers have become available thanks to developments in the technology and providing process.

This has made it more affordable than ever to not only own a cell phone, but a smart phone with all of the latest technological capabilities. And there are carriers that have made the data required for those smart phones more affordable than they have ever been before.

Still, it can feel like there are a thousand options out there and you may not know what the difference is between them. But there are two that have managed to stand out as an alternative to the big boys in the cell phone industry: Mint Mobile and Cricket Wireless.

This will become your guide to answer the Mint Mobile vs Cricket question while also answering whether or not Mint Mobile is good.

What Mint Offers

Mint’s structure is built on “buying in bulk”. That means that you pay for a plan a few months at a time, though it is still not as bad as the contracts that the major providers will force on their users. By doing this, both sides benefit: the consumer gets a reduced rate on those costs and the carrier gets a little bit of consistency knowing the customer will be there for at least 3 months.

Using the T-Mobile LTE network, Mint Mobile has one of the most reliable carriers out there. This means that the consumer doesn’t lack in quality or reliability at any point. And with unlimited talk and text packages, you can use your phone as much as you want without having to worry about any nasty overages that can cost an arm and a leg.

What Cricket Offers

In a similar vein, Cricket is built from the AT&T LTE network meaning that the dependability is there for users pretty much nationwide. They also offer unlimited talk and text as well as unlimited data that is slowed after the maximum allowance has been met.

The big difference here is that Cricket doesn’t have any contracts. You can pay month to month instead of committing for any amount of time, putting the flexibility back in the court of the user. That is a huge advantage to the user, allowing them to search for better deals or to cut their service at a moment’s notice if they come upon a situation where they can no longer afford it.

Both are quite similar, and it would come down to minute personal preference to pick one from the other. The fact is that getting reliable, cost-effective cell phone service has never been easier.

If you need any more information on their plans, check out their website and this comprehensive mint mobile review.

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