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How To Hire To Set Your Digital Marketing Company Up For Success
How To Hire To Set Your Digital Marketing Company Up For Success

Digital marketing is a necessity in today’s business landscape as most consumers find businesses or products online. For this reason digital marketing companies can be extremely profitable but this industry is very competitive as well. There are large budgets to help push a product or company to the top of the search engines. Hiring the right staff for your digital marketing company can help set the company up for success in the long term. This can take a bit of trial and error but once you have nailed down a hiring process this will become far easier. The following are traits you should look for when hiring for your digital marketing company.


Content creation could be the most important part of running a successful digital marketing company. Potential customers all over the world are consuming more content than ever before via their mobile devices. People that can write about versatile topics are perfect for this position as you never know what type of clients might sign a contract. Content is not just limited to articles or blogs but also things like website copy or product descriptions. The ability to help an ecommerce giant convert more sales through great product descriptions can set a company up for success for years to come.


Designers can be tough to manage as communication is not a strength of all of them. At a digital marketing company it could not be more important to hit deadlines so strong communication skills are imperative. Seeing a portfolio of a designer might not tell the entire story as they could have completed the project with the help of others. For this reason testing out freelancers before making a hire can be a great way to find the right designer with all of the qualities the company desires.

Outreach Team

Outreach is a part of digital marketing that takes quite a bit of resilience as even great pitches can be turned down in some very rude ways. Increasing productivity with these teams can be tough as some people churn out spammy type pitches while others personalize them to a great extent. Asking these people to write a pitch or present links they have acquired in previous positions needs to be done. Those people that have an array of interests can create pitches that get responses and high open rates. There are plenty of people that do this work in the freelance capacity which can save quite a bit of money when compared to hiring in-office. Paying per link can also make it easy to establish a budget that you will be able to stick to.

Social Media Team

Social media “gurus” should be able to show results from previous campaigns where they have generated results. This is the area where you have to get references as social media marketing needs to be up to par in order to promote content and engage a business’ followers or current customers. If your digital marketing agency specializes in something like legal businesses then getting a person that has worked on social media for a large law firm can be a perfect fit. Having specialists within your social media team can deliver the best results possible for clients of all kinds.

Digital marketing is here to stay with a variety of services that can be provided to companies in all niches. Take the time while hiring to pick the right fit as employee turnover is a recipe for disaster.

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