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Name Games: What goes into naming a business?
Name Games: What goes into naming a business?

“A rose by any other name is still a rose” so says the saying. The same does not apply to companies or small businesses. Once a name is picked it out, and marketing began, changing it is close to impossible.

Make Puns are Punny

Puns induce giggles if presented with surety. However, the drawback is, a business owner has to take into account if the pun lasts the test of time. Always consider the shelf life before using a pun as a brand name. Will everyone still chortle and find it funny a year from now? In ten years?

  • Pane in the Glass puns for companies in the glasswork industry
  • Reap What You Sew chuckles for businesses related to the cloth industry

The two examples are typical in both industries. If it is a pun, think outside of the conventional box.

Impactful Identification

Naming a business using a person’s name is unmemorable.  The exception is if a name is unique and follows a content trope to fruition. Alliteration, rhyming, and puns are typical for go-to approaches if a generic name is in use.

A name is the best free marketing that is available.  Ads flood the Internet. A catchy brand name carries a business a long way in the beginning if it is memorable.

Length Does Not Equal Quality

Small businesses need to refrain from using long names. The issue is not merely with character limits, but people’s attention span. It gets smaller and smaller as the world continues to evolve at a quickened pace.

Domain names and social media platforms are more reasons why length plays a role in naming. The longer the domain name, the less of a chance people will use it to traffic into the site.

Convey for Convenience

Creative and clever are good ideas. But, without directing potential patrons to products, the name falls flat.  What is the company selling? What are the business’ values? Research pop culture and recent trends and a name might jump to attention.

The products or services that are on display needs highlighting with a brand name that conveys the brand’s values and fun enough to work as free advertising through word of mouth.

Hurrying Is a No-No

The rush to name a business likely will cause the process to veer off in the wrong direction.  Taking time and thoughtfulness provides the freedom to think about the overall brand until the name pops into the brain.  It makes it ripe for plucking a name from thin air.

Making a list of potential names, ideas, and thoughts is a good plan of action. Writing them down is a way to keep the thoughts on paper while freeing the mind to continue the brainstorming process.

Tricky Trademarks

Trademarks are strange things. But, always check to see if another business owns the trademark to the idea of a name.  It keeps a business owner safe from legal action and the confusion of sharing a name with a competitor. Find a business name that is one-of-a-kind.

Picking a name is the first step of many towards success. A little thought, a lot of creative energy, and uniqueness provide a business with indispensable free marketing.

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