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Social Media Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents
Social Media Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

Does your insurance agency have a social media presence? Is social media marketing one of the methods you’re using to generate new leads online? If not, then you’ve come to the right place!

Social media marketing is necessary in this day and age, as this is where your target audience (future prospective clients) are hanging out. As a result, if you’re not reaching out via social media, you’re missing out on possible leads. 

Savvy insurance agents are already making use of social media platforms to market their products. Here are some tips to get you started using social media to generate more leads for your insurance company. 

1). Find the Right Social Media Platforms

Whether you offer life insurance or funeral covers, according to Momentum Life, here you’ll need to do a little research to find out which social media platforms are the most effective for your industry and products. It’s impossible to maintain a strong presence on each and every social media platform. It takes too much time, effort and money to stay active on every social media platform out there. 

Instead, focus on those platforms that are most effective for insurance products. These include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Pinterest, and Instagram. You might start off with the platforms you’re already using, and then work up to using 2-4 regularly. No more than that. 

Set up accounts on the platforms you choose, and then learn how the services work, their rules and the etiquette required for using these social media platforms. 

2). Create Relevant & Useful Content

Part of content marketing is ensuring the content is useful to readers. Content can include anything from blog posts to infographics—just make sure the information is valuable and what your readers need/want. Try to answer readers’ questions, address those “hot” issues in the industry, etc. 

3). Post When You Have Relevant Information to Share

It’s tempting to post content on a regular basis; however, this may not always work to your benefit. Content must be relevant and interesting to readers. Avoid forcing yourself to post on a regular basis just because you do so every Wednesday at 3PM. This isn’t effective. Doing so could cost you followers.

Instead, be sure to post when you have important content to share with followers. If you have regular followers, most likely they’ll hop onto your feed to see what’s new every so often. If they find something new and interesting, they’re also likely to share it with their own followers. This is a form of free advertising and an effective method to generate leads online. 

4). Stay Social with Followers

Once you have followers, make sure to stay engaged with them. In other words, be social. You want to become involved with your followers, but not to force them to purchase insurance by using the hard sell. No. You’ll soon lose followers this way. 

Instead, focus on building relationships with followers. Be available and show your expertise by answering their questions, being helpful and informative, etc. This is the way to build your audience. Over time, you’ll gain new leads and generate new business from the relationships you’ve fostered online. 

5). Vary the Way You Engage Followers

Be creative and don’t always use the same methods for engaging your audience. The goal is a two-way conversation. For instance, you might choose to run a promotion on Facebook where you donate a certain amount to a specific charity. You could even run a contest on almost any social media platform. 

You can also use videos, webinars, live stream events and more to creatively reach out to followers on your social media platforms. 

These are a few ideas to creatively engage with followers. It’s a great way to build those relationships and keep things on your feed interesting. 

6). Determine Your Brand & Message—Then Stay Authentic

When you use several online methods to reach out to followers, it’s important to make sure your branding and your message stay consistent across all platforms. This includes your website and all social media platforms the business uses. 

In addition, ensure that your branding and message are authentic. Your brand’s voice, image, etc. need to be consistent in all aspects. This includes images, colors, statements, etc. Doing so will engender trust in your social media followers, which can also work to increase their engagement with you across social media. 

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