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The Role of Social Media In The Rise Of Cryptocurrency
The Role of Social Media In The Rise Of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency, which has been around since 2009, has only managed to establish itself in the mainstream over the last few years, and social media has played an important role in its rise. As you would expect, social media has been vital in the growth of a lot of trends, industries and businesses in the past, and continues to be going forward, but never more so than with cryptocurrencies climb to the top.

One of the key areas where social media helped the popularity of cryptocurrencies, is that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter offered a readily accessible as well efficient method to spread the word. It meant that ordinary people as well as those associated with cryptocurrencies could post information, questions and have general discussions about anything to do with subject. This had a huge impact in generating interest, educating and inevitably building trust about using this new technology. It very much helped to bring cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin out of the shadows and into the mainstream, where its newfound fame and popularity did it a world of good. With every good side, there’s also a bad side. There’s been a lot of “make money” advertising on social media with scam bitcoin trading robots such as the infamous Bitcoin Revolution, which was advertised as being endorsed by the dragon Peter Jones.

With cryptocurrencies and the scene in general being daunting to a lot of people, social media has also become excellent when it comes to educating users. This has become extremely convenient, especially when it is not uncommon for many of us to feel overburdened with the sheer amount of information about the various currencies, how to gain access, utilise and invest. This is even the case when considering many experienced users, as there is always something new to be learnt. 

In addition to information being available on these social platforms, it is also a great way of everyone learning about the various aspects at their own pace. Today, platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are able to host videos, live streaming and the like, and have become perfect for educating crypto communities via methods such as webinars and Q&A sessions.  

Furthermore, social communities are easily formed and developed via social media platforms. And these communities have proved essential where cryptocurrencies are concerned. Crypto communities have become integral as they’re the perfect place for users to interact and keep up with all the latest developments; whilst all the time building a trusting environment. Within these communities, anyone can gain details about regulation, scams, trading advice, investment opportunities and even get informed opinions about the Luno ethereum wallet, for example.  

Cryptocurrencies, exchanges and wallets also make great use of social media platforms to reach out to their targeted audiences. As an advertising and marketing tool you won’t find anything as effective as social media right now, with many platforms offering paid ads services, which allow the user to specifically target and audience, while also being able to study the performance of said ads too.

This has allowed cryptos, exchanges and wallets to advertise and reach out directly to the communities which currently call social media home, which in-turn generates interest and popularity, so more people stand up and take notice. Social media also offers these companies the opportunity to promote special offers and discounts too, which are always well received, helping the cryptocurrency scene to grow further.

Finally, everyone will have heard of influencers, with verified users the ones with the most pull on social media. With many verified and credible people jumping on the cryptocurrency hype train, this has also been pivotal for crypto growth, as when these people talk, everybody stops to pay attention.Therefore, it can be seen that social media crucial in the furthering of cryptocurrencies. It actually serves a variety of roles within this increasingly popular and unique financial world. In fact, the two are perfect for each other, with the ever growing relationship being seen with the recent announcement of Facebook launching their very own cryptocurrency.

Because this is such a dynamic topic and evolving technology, it is important to keep ourselves updated visiting websites like, where you can find many guides and info about cryptocurrency.

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